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A Brief History of the Wine Corkscrew

By Gizmodo on at

The corkscrew was borne out of necessity and as soon as the earliest glass bottles arrived in late seventeenth-century England, inventors began dreaming up instruments to ease the removal of corks.


Drape This "Bacon" Scarf Over the Lady Gaga in Your Life

By Gerald Lynch on at

Looking to get the Lady Gaga-look this Halloween, but don't fancy smelling like a butcher's shop front? Then you need the six-foot long Fou Lard bacon scarf! All the mouth watering fat and crispy bits (that silk can provide, anyway), without the greasy marks, cholesterol and "yep, he's lost it" sideways glances. At £102 though, you may be better off stapling a few of Tesco's value cuts together. [Fou Lard]