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By Bulent Yusuf on at

The Story Behind Everyday Objects

Good design doesn’t draw attention to itself. On any given day we’re surrounded by evidence of this, and most likely it’s within touching distance. Pick up a routine object which has been designed for a specific purpose, such as a paperclip, a tea bag, a zip -- it does its job so well that we’ve never once considered how the design could be changed or improved upon.

Urban Beehive Makes Bee Stings Seem Really Sexy

By Andrew Liszewski on at

I applaud Philips for the sleek design of their Urban Beehive concept, and its attempt to combat dwindling bee colonies by encouraging those living in urban areas to maintain a hive at home. But I don't think it's the traditionally boxy design of your standard beehive that are keeping homeowners from adopting their own colonies. As safe as the practice can be, people are still afraid of bees, or more specifically, bee stings.

Shape Type: How Font Designers Have Fun

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You wouldn't think an online game that has players painstakingly adjusting bezier handles to reshape letters from various fonts would be remotely interesting. But even if you're not a font designer or graphically inclined, I guarantee your years of sub-consciously staring at well crafted magazines, newspapers and ads will help you play, and even enjoy, Shape Type.