Steve Jobs Approved iPhone 5 and the Next iPhone Design

Quotes from an Apple employee claim that the legendary Mr Jobs managed to have an input in the design on the iPhone 5 and whatever mobile hardware Apple launches this year, with a company liaison officer saying the design of the phones "preceded" the arrival of Tim Cook as boss. Read More >>

design week
10 of the Best Coke Bottle (and Can) Designs

Unlike their main competitor, Pepsi, Coca-Cola have kept the same classic logo ever since their inception in 1885! They have however changed a few things along the way. Particularly the design of their bottles and cans. The bottle design that most of us recognise was praised by none other than Andy Warhol, as "a design icon". We take a look at the morphology of the fizzy stuff over the years. Read More >>

star wars
Force "It" Into a Star Wars Condom

An Italian graphic designer has applied the European sense of humour to a possible condom range, coming up with both designs and slogans for a new way George Lucas could ruin his legacy. Read More >>

Sexy Clothes Get More Transparent The Harder Your Heart Beats

Well this could be embarrassing on the tube. The INITIMACY 2.0 collection is made of leather and "opaque smart e-foils" that change their transparency levels, depending on your heart rate. Read More >>


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