How Messy Is Your Computer's Desktop?

We all aspire to a certain amount of digital desktop cleanliness, but I think rather few of us actually keep up on it. As the days go by, the clutter builds bit by bit, and it's just irritating enough to be unpleasant, but not a big enough deal to actually clean up. Read More >>

windows 8
Shock: Over Half of Windows 8 Users Just Pretend It's Windows 7

Research into how Windows 8 users use their posh new interface has found that well over half of owners skip the fancy Metro-style stuff and its new interface in favour of... using it like it's Windows 7. Or Windows XP. Or Windows 95. Read More >>

The Gesture Control of the Future Will Be in HP Computers This Summer

Leap Motion isn't just going to be a stand-alone product. The motion-control brand just announced a partnership with HP, meaning that, sometime this summer, you'll be seeing several HP devices with Leap Motion technology bundled right in. Read More >>

Rumour: All-New Mac Pro Range May Appear This Month

If you're planning on updating your home/office computing infrastructure, you might want to put your plans on hold for a few weeks pending a rumoured refresh of Apple's high-end Mac Pro range. Read More >>

Those Skinny New iMacs Go on Sale November 30

You might want to make an addendum to your Christmas list. Those impossibly slender new iMacs go on sale November 30. Read More >>

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How to Build a Small Gaming PC

Way back in December 2010, we built an awesome Mini-ITX gaming PC dubbed the Wee Ass-Kicking Machine. It featured a Core i7-870 CPU, a GeForce GTX 460 GPU, 4GB of DDR3, a 1TB hard drive, and a 120GB SSD-all crammed into a Silverstone SG07 chassis not much larger than a shoebox. The total cost? Around £1,000 (at the time). Read More >>

New Apple iMac (2012) Hands-On: Shocker! People Are Psyched!

One of the happy surprises from Apple's event today was the new iMac. Now that the dust has settled people are putting their grubby blogger-paws all over that shiny, pristine monolith. Guess what, it's like, suuuuper thin! Read More >>

How Many Icons Do You Have On Your Desktop?

There are plenty of ways to keep a desktop. On the one hand, it's kind of like your default folder, immediately displayed to you on login. It's a convenient place for those things you need quick, like dozens of shortcuts. On the other hand, it's a homescreen, a homescreen, and shouldn't you keep your home clean and pristine? After all, that's what the start menu/launcher is for. Read More >>

Dell XPS One 27: A Massive, All-In-One Slab of Ivy Bridge

Dell is reviving its XPS line of all-in-one computers with the XPS One 27, an 27-inch, Ivy Bridge-equipped number cruncher meant to go against the likes of the iMac and the HP Omni 27. Read More >>

HP Phoenix h9: Plenty of Power, Severe Identity Crisis.

HP's HPE Phoenix h9 certainly isn't hurting for power. Combining a quad-core processor with up to 16 GB of RAM, discrete graphics and liquid cooling, who this PC is for exactly is a bit unclear. Read More >>


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