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Live-Action Destiny Trailer Shows Boss Fight and a Real Human Man

Halo-maker Bungie has released a bizarre new trailer for its forthcoming open-world shooter Destiny, which combines a live-action narration with your usual generic space marine action. Read More >>

Halo Maker Bungie Reveals its Destiny

There's a mysterious round object. Some aliens. And you with a gun. It can only be the official reveal of Destiny, the long-rumoured new project from Halo creator Bungie. Read More >>

Halo Developer's Next Game Reveal Coincides With Sony's PS4 Event...

Bungie, the Halo creator and developer that's now a freelance gun in the employ of mega-publisher Activision, is teasing a new product. It'll be the Destiny game that's been leaked endlessly over recent months. Only... the teaser coincides with Sony's supposed PS4 launch date of February 20th. Read More >>

Sir Paul McCartney + Bungie = ???

No, I'm afraid it's not quite Sir Paul on a bungee cord jumping off some kind of high-up structure, but something else quite cool related to the other phonetically identical word -- mega-games studio Bungie. According to the past-Beatles members' Twitter, he's lending his talents to the creators of Halo, but what exactly is he working on? Read More >>

Activision/Bungie Contract Says "2013" for Xbox 720, New Four-Game Franchise Coming

The detailed contracted between publisher Activision and Halo developer Bungie has been made public, revealing plans for a mammoth new franchise from the shooter specialist and a launch date for Microsoft's next Xbox hardware. Read More >>


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