Furious Rich Man Trashes £90k BMW in Massive Sulk Over Reliability

Italian businessman Pourmohseni Hadi felt he'd been given the run-around by BMW, with the car giant not managing to get to the bottom of his 2008 BMW M6's numerous issues. So he parked it outside the Frankfurt Motor Show and smashed it up with an axe and a mate with a hammer. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Use a Giant Construction Drill on a Car?

It's quite simple really, the car gets completely destroyed, screwed and mangled in every which way possible. The TR-150 construction drill completely eats the car alive to the point where it can no longer drill it anymore, it has to smash and pulverize it. Using construction tools for destruction is a beautiful thing. [BayShoreSystems via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

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The Destruction of the Oklahoma Tornado As Seen by Google Maps

This is beyond sad. If you've been keeping up with the tornado that leveled Moore, Oklahoma, you probably saw the destruction it left behind. It looked like a movie set war zone or the aftermath of the apocalypse. But it was real. Google released satellite imagery showing what the destruction looked like from above. It's not pretty.
Google's Crisis Centre reveals the tornado's path, showing the damage outline and specific damage points. Some areas are so severely damaged it's almost unbelievable. In addition, Google revealed satellite imagery from April 29th, 2013 (before the tornado) and May 22nd, 2013 (after the tornado) to show us the before and after. Read More >>

Some Guy Went on an Insanely Destructive Rampage on a Bulldozer

Holy crap. You know in Grand Theft Auto when you're trying to destroy everything—cars, homes, the entire street—in your way while racking up as many police officers on your tail just for giggles? That actually happened in real life. A 51-year-old man went on a ridiculous rampage on his bulldozer destroying four homes, smashing cars and cutting power to thousands of people. Read More >>

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Watch This Poor, Abused Washing Machine Go Completely Insane and Explode

Your washing machine is kind enough to handle your laundry without complaining. For that it deserves respect. Aussie50 has no such respect. Watch his poor washer tear itself asunder, powerless to prevent spectacular self-destruction at the hands of its own spin cycle. Watch as it tries to escape through sheer force of centrifugal will. Watch it fail. Read More >>

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Watch This £25 Million Gas Platform Sink to the Bottom of the Sea

Installing an off-shore gas platform can be a tricky proposition. Things can go very wrong. That's exactly what happened with this £25 million Iranian platform was being installed in the Persian Gulf. Read More >>

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Microwaving a CD Is as Beautiful as It Is Absolutely Lethal

When you microwave a CD, something amazing happens. Lightning, plasma, and fire emanating from that once-perfect plastic disc. Problem is you're just as likely to blow up your microwave and yourself, as you are to see anything cool, so don't do this at home. OK? Just feast your eyes on this little lot. [Twitter via Sunday via Kotaku] Read More >>

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It Hurts To See These 127 iPhones Crushed By a Bulldozer, Even Though They're Fakes

Counterfeit goods that get found out often get destroyed. That should come as no surprise. But that doesn't mean it's easy to watch, especially if the fakes are this convincing. Take this Russian crush-fest, for example, where a bulldozer demolished 127 iPhones, found to be cheap imitations masquerading as the real thing. Read More >>

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Here's Your Obligatory iPad Mini Drop Test

With every new Apple gadget, you've got to have a drop test to see how it fares in clumsy hands. This test from SquareTrade pits the new iPad mini against its big brother the iPad 3, and chief rival the Nexus 7. All and all, it holds up pretty well, but nothing is invincible. Read More >>

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Ten Ways To Smash a Pumpkin in Mesmerising Slow-Motion

You shouldn't use this video as inspiration for going out and destroying other people's jack-o-lanterns this evening. But if you want a fun way to dispose of your own here are ten creative ways to utterly decimate a pumpkin -- made all the more enjoyable to watch thanks to a high-speed camera. You might want to skip the throwing axe, though, nothing good's gonna come of that. [YouTube via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Have You Ever Demolished a Misbehaving Gadget Out of Sheer Rage?

When you get angry, throwing something at a wall is always the go-to solution that never works. Well, it might work at making you feel better for that split second before the horror sets in and components scatter across the floor. Read More >>

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Supersonic Jets Shatter Brazilian Supreme Court Building

If you're tuned into Brazilian national politics, maybe there's some sort of metaphor here. But for the rest of us, awesome video of sonic boom resulting in massive destruction!—these fighters just ruined Brazil's Supreme Court. Read More >>

How an Electrical Storm in Virginia Brought Down a Large Chunk of the Internet, Including Instagram

Late last night, a severe electrical storm struck over Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC, halting train traffic and felling trees. Sites and apps such as Pinterest and Instagram were affected, but sadly six people died, too. Read More >>

How to Destroy the Internet

Remember when Anonymous threatened to destroy the entire internet? We laughed, and ultimately their words were just hacker hubris. But it got us thinking—could someone actually destroy the Internet? Read More >>

Your iPhone Will Still Shatter If You Drop It From a Roof with This Super-Case Case

We've been impressed by G-Form's ugly, abuse-proof iDevice cases before: an iPhone was used as a hockey puck, and we beat the living hell out of an iPad. But the newest case didn't save my iPhone from horrific suicidal death. Read More >>


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