What a Decade Has Done to New York City's Classic Storefronts

Ten years after photographing countless storefronts for their popular book, Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York, James and Karla Murray are returning to the same addresses for an update. The contrast in the pairs of images, each a decade apart, is striking. Read More >>

You Can Get the New Oculus Rift Dev Kit for Just £210

When we saw the Oculus Rift Crystal Cove headset at CES we were blown away. It was incredible. And now there's good news: you can pre-order your own for $350 (£210) today. It's not the final product but it's still fantastic. Read More >>

App-pocalypse Now: The Fragmented and Diluted Experience of the Modern App User

I'm getting pretty sick of being nagged to install your damn apps. Read More >>

Developers Want to Turn This Old London Dock into a Chinese Super-Hub

London's Royal Albert Dock lies derelict, but developer Xu Weiping has a billion pound plan to turn it into Europe's central hub for Chinese companies. Read More >>

A Massive Road-Building Initiative is Transforming Africa's Landscape

Africa is home to some of the poorest road networks in the world, which act as a major barrier for trade, education and healthcare. Not for long, though—as it's embarking on a frenetic road-building exercise that could revolutionise the entire continent. Read More >>

Boris Island Sinking as Airport Commission Favours Expanding Heathrow or Gatwick

Boris Johnson's dream of building himself a little island in the Thames Estuary or outsourcing all of London's flying needs to Kent appear to be in trouble, thanks to the Airports Commission deciding that whacking a new runway in at Heathrow or Gatwick ought to keep the country competitive until 2030. Read More >>

An Unusually Close Look at the Development of Facebook Home

Facebook Home had its Android-only release in April, and it's been sort of getting its wings clipped ever since. It lives in a weird space between operating systems and apps, but it's meant to be something you don't over-think. So don't think about. Just let it be a mostly successful immersive experience. That's it. Oh plus this 50 minute video. But mainly it speaks for itself. Read More >>

Boris Wants to Smash Heathrow and Build a New Airport for London... in Kent

Boris Johnson has outlined three possible new ways of expanding London's air capacity, and none include making Heathrow bigger. In fact, if Boris gets his way, Heathrow would be demolished and turned into around 250,000 new houses. Read More >>

Have You Noticed Your Brain Melting Since You Got a Smartphone?

If you have, you might be suffering from what's known as "Digital Dementia," a new phrase coined by researchers to describe the changes in the brain brought about from never having to remember anything thanks to always having Google and Wikipedia in your pocket. Read More >>

What Would Be Different About a Baby Born in Space?

Astronauts are usually pretty busy while they're off planet so there hasn't been a lot of time to, um, look into this stuff, but it's unclear whether humans can procreate in weightless conditions. Apparently, you can't just march into space like you own it and do whatever you want. Read More >>

Google's Android Started Out as a Camera OS

Andy Rubin, the now-departed former boss of Google's Android division, has revealed that the OS was initially developed to power digital cameras, before the slump in snapper sales encouraged his team to turn it into a mobile phone system. Read More >>

The Pebble SDK Is Out and Apps Aren't Far Behind

The allure of having a smart watch like the Pebble is more than just having a watch with more display options: it's apps. Now, with the release of the Pebble SDK, the apps can start to flow. Read More >>

Carve Out a Place For Your Nostalgia with Custom-Made Wooden Photos

Nowadays, we take most of our photos digitally and they stay digital. Photo paper and bulky albums are dead. So if you are compelled to print you photos for some reason, you might as well try to make it interesting, like printing them as tactile wood relief with the Photocarver. Read More >>

You're Going to Have to Wait Till September for GTA V

I can hardly believe it, but this comes from the horse's mouth: Rockstar has just announced that we won't be seeing GTA V until September 17th -- four months later than planned. Say it aint so Rockstar? Seriously? We want it NOW! Read More >>

Evolving Bigger Brains May Have Made Us Prone to Cancer

If it's not one thing, it's another: a new hypothesis floating around the scientific community suggests that evolving bigger brains and superior intellect may have led to a dramatically elevated risk of cancer in humans. Thanks, brain. Read More >>

International Bad Boys Iran and North Korea Form Tech Development Superpower

Iran and North Korea have formed some sort of comic evil tech development alliance, deciding to work together in science, tech and engineering to help overcome their "common enemies." Read More >>


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