Polaroid's Socialmatic Camera is all About Sharing Your Shots

We were cautiously optimistic when the concept for the real-life Instagram camera, the Socialmatic, popped up online last year. But despite our concerns, Polaroid is officially making the design a reality. The company is partnering with Socialmatic, and when the camera is available this Autumn, it will allow photographers to either instantly share their shots on "major social media networks" or just run off a hard copy using the device's built-in instant ZINK printer. Read More >>

How to Use Your Fancy New Camera Like a Pro

Congratulations, you scored an awesome new camera. Welcome to our annual guide to getting started with your new tool.
Whether you're shooting on a DSLR, a mirror-less compact, or even just a top notch point and shoot, these tips will get you on your way. The rest is up to you. Read More >>

The 10 Most Important Digital Cameras of All Time

This time of year, when new digital cameras are being released left and right, is a great opportunity to look back on those pioneering shooters that led the charge from photochemical to digital supremacy. PopPhoto has a great rundown of the 30 most important digital cameras of all time. Here are our 10 favourites.

This High-Speed Digital Camera Can Freeze Objects Moving 12,000KPH

When it comes to high-speed photography — and we're talking about freezing explosions and other occurrences that are over in just thousandths of a second — something known as film-based streak photography has always been the go-to technology. But as film continues its slow death, a company called MetroLaser has come up with a digital alternative that can freeze objects moving at almost 7,500 miles per hour, which is roughly ten times the speed of sound. Read More >>

Digital Camera Dissection Explains Why Your Dirt Cheap Shooter Sucks

The image quality might be absolutely terrible, but one advantage to dropping just USD$18 on a low-low-end digital camera like the Vivitar V25 is that you can dissect it without feeling guilty. The Kahn Academy certainly didn't shed a tear over the demise of this V25. Instead, they used its death as a golden opportunity to explain how a digital camera works, and how a cheap model manages to be so affordable. Read More >>

Syrian Rebels Hack Together Digital Cameras To Replace Machine Gun Scopes

Rebels in Syria are not satisfied with the munitions and technology readily available to them. So, increasingly, they're building their own badass battle tools. New York Times' At War blog discovered some crazy awesome DIY weapons, like a machine gun, which instead of a traditional scope, has a digital camera installed: Read More >>

Can You Really Shoot Print-Quality Portraits With a Red Epic Video Camera?

There are murmurings in the tech word that eventually still cameras will be replaced with video cameras, and photographers will simply pore through thousands of frames to find the perfect shot. And curious if that day had already come, Fstoppers pitted a Red Epic against a Hasselblad H3D-22. Read More >>

Sony's Fat a57 SLT Eats 12 Frames a Second

Sony's follow-up to its a55 has been announced, with the a57 offering 12fps continuous capture coupled with Sony's SLT "Translucent Mirror Technology" and a 16.1-megapizel APS HD CMOS sensor. Read More >>

Why Boosting Your Camera's ISO Setting Can Make Your Photos Worse

Increasing your camera's ISO setting improves its ability to see in the dark, but it can also lead to artifacts in your images that look like millions of tiny dots, known as noise. But where exactly does it come from? Read More >>

Will Samsung's Zoomy, Wi-Fi Cameras Beat Out Your Smartphone For Your Love?

It's not news that smartphone cameras have gotten so good that even tiny, excellent point-and-shoot cameras for all their benefits can seem, well, a little unnecessary. Samsung's WB850F hopes to change your mind with an incredibly zoomy lens and improved Wi-Fi integration. Read More >>

The Best Affordable Pro Compact Camera

You're ready for a camera upgrade. You've outgrown the best point-and-shoot cameras, but a DSLR is a little excessive. Luckily for you, there's a middle ground. Mirrorless, interchangeable lens cameras—even affordable ones—are getting really, really good. Read More >>

These Unwearable Specs Poorly Hide a Digital Camera

If you fancy yourself an amateur Bond, there are plenty of high-tech glasses available that discreetly hide a compact camera. This isn't one of them. In fact, these Fuuvi Megane glasses aren't going to fool anyone. Read More >>

Is This the First of Many Cameras You'll Connect Directly to Your iPad?

With Disney graphics and an easy-to-use photo editing app, the Sakar AppClix camera is squarely targeted at kids. But instead of a USB port it includes a 30-pin Apple connector, making me wonder if other camera manufacturers will follow suit. Read More >>

Fujifilm's Unsettling X10 Ad Features Peeing Dogs, Butchered Fish, and Topless Dolls

I have no idea what Fujifilm is trying to sell me in this creepy Japanese ad for their X10 point and shoot. Maybe the camera has a secret mode that can see inside my head and photograph my chilling nightmares? Read More >>

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Mirror Box + Digital Camera = Instant Holiday Desktop Wallpaper

If you're not already swamped this time of year, here's a fun experiment you can do with a compact digital camera, a box made of mirrors, and any holiday themed items you might have lying around. Read More >>

Bring (Down) the Noise

Megapixels? Oh sod off, the megapixel race is well and truly over. Not because the manufacturers have stopped shouting about the number of pixels in their cameras, but simply because photographers stopped caring at some point about half a decade ago. Read More >>


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