Blueprint Placemats Help You Engineer the World's Simplest Meals

For some people, even the lowly jam sandwich represents a culinary challenge that could go disastrously wrong at every step. It's those amateur chefs who need all the help and support they can get, and that's what these placemats featuring detailed blueprints for incredibly simple dishes provide—well, that and a way to keep your dining table clean. Read More >>

Your Holiday Dinner Guests Will Love Dining Off These Testicle Plates

Nothing goes better with a delicious meal than an engaging conversation, and what better way to spark a discussion over dessert than to reveal to your guests that they're actually dining on fine bone china patterned to look like human tissue? And not just any tissue, but samples from the liver, thyroid, esophagus, and testicles. Yum. Read More >>

You Need a Tactical Chopstick Holster When You're Serious About Sushi

If sashimi and maki are subjects you take very seriously, check out this over-the-top chopstick holster from Brandon, the incredibly talented 17-year-old behind Vanguard Armament. It ensures your personal set of chopsticks is always close at hand for those quick draw dining situations. Read More >>

A Plate Made of Sand Sounds Like an Awful Dining Experience

Given that sand finds its way into every nook and cranny of your person when you go for a swim, the prospect of dining on the beach is even less appealing. So what possessed artist Victor Castanera to create a series of plaster-based dinnerware cast from the natural contours of a sandy beach? Read More >>

Eating Rice Oozed from a Tube Sounds Efficient and Delicious

Taking some inspiration from the sucker-in-a-sleeve known as a Push Pop, Takara Tomy's Smart Han bento lunchbox lets busy office drones enjoy sticky rice lunch extruded from a large tube. It's not unlike the Sushi Bazooka, except that this contraption is designed to pump the food directly into your mouth. Read More >>

How Yelp Scores Make or Break Restaurants

Smart diners rely on restaurant reviews to find good food. But a new study investigates for the first time the complex relationships between online ratings and real-world success—and reveals that losing just half a star can leave a restaurant in ruin. Read More >>

Protect Your Last Piece Of Sushi With Nunchaku Chopsticks

Restaurants can be a dangerous place if you're dining with a ravenous group of friends who are ready to steal a piece of food off your plate the second you're distracted. But now you can fight back, with these clever Nunchop Chopsticks which double as a miniature set of Nunchaku. Read More >>

star wars
Those Lightsabre Chopsticks Now Light-Up

If you thought nothing could ever top those Star Wars-themed chopsticks that looked exactly like miniature lightsabres, you're about to have your mind blown wide open again. Because thanks to improvements in miniature LED and battery technology, those lightsabre chopsticks now feature a glowing blade. Read More >>

Camping Cutlery Adapters Make Your Marshmallow Stick Far More Useful

Most campers don't have the outdoor skills necessary to build a shelter, set a trap, or even start a fire. But there's one thing even the most amateur outdoorsman can make—a marshmallow stick. And with these cutlery adapters, that primitive tool can then be used to consumer more than just s'mores. Read More >>

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This Outdoor Table's Recessed Grooves Stop the Wind From Blowing Away Your Meal

When the weather is beautiful you want to spend as much time as you can outdoors. And that includes enjoying meals on the patio, which designers Marco Marotto and Paola Oliva make even more enjoyable with their conceptual dining set that stops the wind from blowing everything away. Read More >>

The Clever Cutouts On These Serving Trays Promise To Make Cafeteria Dining Less Terrible

Whether it's at school, the hospital, or even at work, cafeteria dining is never really enjoyable. And it's not just the food, eating off a tray with a raised lip around the perimeter is awkward at best. Read More >>

Wooden Train Dining Table Redefines Playing With Your Food

You know those wooden Brio train tables you see at toy stores? The one's designed specifically for children that are set so low to the ground that grown ups who are still young at heart can't possible use them? That 'problem' is exactly what these TrackTile dining tables were designed to solve. Read More >>

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Credit Card Fork For BYOC (Bring Your Own Cutlery) Parties

If you're the type who tries to maintain a constant state of readiness for any emergency, Devon Briggs' folding credit card fork will ensure you never have to resort to eating with your hands at a party or fast food joint. Read More >>

Future-Forks Have Evolved Opposable Thumbs

Have you stopped and looked at your hand, and then a fork, and then your hand, and wondered why we only copied half of its design when creating utensils? In a way the tines on a fork work like the fingers on your hand, so why not include the thumb? Read More >>

The Perfect Cutlery For Your Post-Holiday Guilt

You knew all that over-indulging during the holidays would cost you. But even if it helps you shed the pounds, is anyone really going to pay £89.99 for this set of weight lifting cutlery? Read More >>


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