Save a Few Quid With Amazon's Prime and LoveFilm Instant Bundle

Amazon's put together a nice little bundle for those of you who need your stuff and need your stuff NOW, pairing a LoveFilm Instant subscription with an Amazon Prime membership and shaving £29 of the price of getting them in the process. Read More >>

Microsoft's Windows 8 Pro Slashed to £44.99 Online

Microsoft's web shop has lopped a chunk off the asking price of a Windows 8 Pro upgrade, yoyo-ing it back down to £44.99 -- cheaper than the £99 price of standard Win8. Either someone's stuck a wrong number in a database or there's a new push to get us upgrading going on. If you can bring yourself to click on such a grammatically poor piece of text as "Shop this edition" it could be yours right now via download or legacy disc-in-the-post method. [MS Store via PC Pro] Read More >>

HMV's Latest Sale Possibly a Make or Break Cash Grab

HMV's latest sale is apparently critical to its survival, with sources claiming its new Blue Cross Sale is designed as a last-gasp attempt to raise money to meet its banking commitments. Read More >>

Vodafone Starts Selling "Nearly New" Used Smartphones

Vodafone's found a new way of reducing the cost of owning one of today's high-end smartphones -- selling used ones for a discount. Read More >>

Odeon Cinemas Now Using Apple's Passbook App for Discount Ticket Sales

Apple's Passbook feature has found itself a couple of big new corporate fans in the UK, with the Odeon cinema chain and Harvester restaurant franchise adopting the mobile ticketing app. Read More >>

Humbled Groupon Shamed Into Changing its Ways by OFT Investigation

Groupon has been spanked very hard by the Office of Fair Trading, which has warned the online discount club it needs to be more "honest and transparent" in advertising its deals and the discount claims it puts forward. Read More >>

Is ASDA's £249 Full HD LCD TV the UK's Cheapest 40-Inch Telly?

If you don't mind having the slightly less than prestigious "LUXOR" brand sitting there on display in your front room, ASDA has quite an amazing deal running on a 40" LCD TV at the moment. It's offering a Full HD 1080p LCD TV for £249. Read More >>

Amazon UK Having a Week of 'Black Friday' Discounts, Plus Cheap Kindle Books

Amazon UK is repeating its Black Friday Lightning Deals promotion in the UK, offering a load of new discounted stuff on a timed availability basis to celebrate it not being bloody Christmas any more. Plus for those of you who prefer books to cheap hairdryers, there's a Kindle sale now on, too. Read More >>

Apple Planning a Post-Christmas iTunes "Boxing Week" Music Sale

"Boxing Week" is what Apple has decided to call next week, with the company planning to capitalise on our national boredom by continuing its Christmas promotion with a new iTunes music sale. Read More >>

Groupon Banned From Running Nose Job Discount Deal

Mass retail ransacking site Groupon has got itself in trouble with the Advertising Statndards Authority, after the discount portal offered cheap nose jobs for those willing to take such drastic measures on a whim. Read More >>

Comet in the Midst of a "Five Day Frenzy" Electrical Sale

Clearly envious of the masses of coverage gained by the US Black Friday retail sales, UK electrical chain Comet is having a sale of its own. It's Five Day Frenzy is offering different discounted electric things every day. [Comet] Read More >>


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