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Is Disneyland Getting a Star Wars Land?

In an online survey sent to Annual Pass holders and other park enthusiasts, Disney has apparently started to gauge interest in expanding the Star Wars presence at its resorts, starting with Disneyland. Read More >>

Disneyland Paris For the Same Price Our French Cousins Pay, Is Your Equality Deal of the Day

Here in Dealz Corner, we’re violently opposed to any kind of prejudice -- sexism, ageism, gingerism and albinoism are all frowned at and frowned at hard when we’re around. Read More >>

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Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland

It was only a matter of time before this happened but Disney Parks just posted a video that shows Darth Vader going to Disneyland. It shows ol' Darth riding that stupid Teacup ride, going on Space Mountain, and using the Force to his advantage. The happiest place on Earth is even fun for Darth Vader! [YouTube via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

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30,000 Photos of the Happiest Place On Earth Went Into This Mesmerising Disneyland Time-Lapse

What started out as a simple camera test, turned into an epic time-lapse exploration of Disneyland by photographer Daniel Navarrete. The video is assembled from over 30,000 photos captured over an entire year, including ride-alongs on popular attractions. Read More >>

Disneyland Fan Builds a Working Version of the Main Street Electrical Parade on His Coffee Table

There are some truly devoted Disneyland fans out there who visit so often they know every single detail about the park. But seemingly none are as devoted as Alex George, who can now visit the park whenever he's home thanks to this awesome miniature version of the Main Street Electrical Parade in his living room. Read More >>

star wars
Star Wars Land Coming to Disneyland Paris for 2015?

There's a rather insane rumour doing the rounds of the sci-fi blogs and the, er, theme park blogs at the moment, claiming the Disney giant is putting together a Star Wars themed attraction which will be ready for European Disney fans to enjoy from 2015. Read More >>

Learn To Drive Disneyland's Monorails With Its 1966 Operator Guide

I thought the class Homer had to take to become a monorail driver was a tongue-in-cheek look at what it takes to operate the trains of tomorrow. But glancing through this Disneyland Operator Guide from 1966, it doesn't look that difficult. Read More >>


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