Chinese Phone Maker Builds Entirely Unnecessary 1440 x 2560 Resolution Smartphone

There's a new player in town when it comes to making things bigger than they need to be in mobile phone world, with the Chinese-made Vivo Xplay3S Android phone featuring an unfeasibly high 1440 x 2560 resolution screen. Read More >>

WSJ: The Next iPad Will Use iPad Mini's Thin, Light Display Technology

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the next generation of Apple's iPad will use the same display technology which make the iPad mini so thin and light. Read More >>

Rumour: Sharp to Spit Out Screens For a New iPhone in June?

Whispers emanating from the Far East today suggest Sharp's been tapped to produce the screens for Apple's next iPhone, and that it'll be spitting them out in June. Read More >>

Supposed Galaxy S4 Spec List "Confirms" Eight-Core Processor

Someone who appears to be in possession of a Galaxy S4 prototype decided it would be fun to stick a few benchmarking apps on it, giving us a look at how the phone performs and what might be inside Samsung's next Android flagship. Read More >>

microsoft surface
Microsoft Surface Display Shoot-Out: Does It Beat the iPad?

The new Windows tablets, led by Microsoft's Surface, provide a third major family of tablets for consumers and the computing world. The significance and stakes are enormous because tablets are among the most important developments in computing and consumer products in the last 20 years. Like Google's Android tablets, the Windows tablets will be made by many different manufacturers. And just like Google's Nexus, which provides reference designs for the Android product line, Microsoft is producing its own Surface tablets for the Windows product line. Read More >>

iphone 5
iPhone 5 Scrolling "Glitch" Exposed by Flailing Fingers

A weird glitch with Apple's iPhone 5 has been uncovered, which sees touch input drop out when the phone's display is continuously stimulated. It's pretty niche and unlikely to break anything too seriously, but it might effect some gaming uses if left unchecked. Read More >>

Sharp's New 5-inch HD Display Is Crystal Clear

Sharp's launching a new 5-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel display this week in Japan — and it's one of the most pixel-dense screens to date. Read More >>

More Windows Phone 8 Devices From HTC on the Way...With Bigger Screens?

I'm one of those firmly in the camp that 4.3-inches is possibly the biggest size screen I'd personally want on a phone, but HTC seems to disagree. Nope, the company is not content with 4.3-inch screens for their Windows Phone 8 devices, as seen on their latest HTC 8X. HTC is going bigger. Because bigger... is better? Read More >>

7 Features the iPhone 5's Display Might Have

The display will play a central role in the marketing, appearance, and performance of the iPhone 5, which will be announced tomorrow, Wednesday September 12. The iPhone 4S Display is no longer state-of-the-art. While I don't have any inside information about the iPhone 5 display, below are a series of Sherlock Holmes-deductions based on existing information and trends from the iPhone 4S and the latest competing smartphone displays. The iPhone 5 will need to meet most of these goals in order to retain its number-one ranking. These same display goals apply to any smartphone that wants to be a 1st tier smartphone. Read More >>

Sharp: We're Shipping Screens For New iPhone This Month

The next iPhone is on the way, and a handful of rumours point to a launch on September 12th. Now, Sharp has announced that it's shipping screens for the new device this month — so it looks like those dates could be believable. Read More >>

Nexus 7 Display Hammered by Image Quality Experts as "Washed Out" and "Messed Up"

As well as a bit of physical wobbliness, the display that comes with Google's hot new Nexus 7 tablet is now being criticised by image analysis experts, who claim it's been poorly configured and delivers users "noticeably washed out" and "over exposed" images. Read More >>

iPhone 5's 16:9 Ratio 4" Display Tech Supposedly Pictured

That thing there, if you choose to believe the word of Chinese component supply chain news sources, is the new display panel of the iPhone 5. If true, it confirms that the next-gen iPhone will be a 4" model with a wide 16:9 aspect ratio format screen, which includes new touch technology within the LCD itself to help reduce thickness. Read More >>

Sony and Panasonic Join Forces to Make You a Cheap OLED TV

As rumoured, Sony and Panasonic have just signed a deal to form a partnership which will see them jointly developing large, low-cost, high-resolution OLED panels for TVs. Read More >>

The Retina MacBook Pro Can Drive Four Screens Simultaneously

The new Retina MacBook Pro is an incredible piece of hardware. On its spec sheets, Apple claims it can support "up to two external displays", but it turns out that's bull. In fact, it can support three external monitors. Read More >>

Some Third-Party Apps Look Crappy on the New MBP Retina Display

The next-generation MacBook Pro, with it's glorious 2880 x 1800 pixel display, is both an engineering triumph and a thing of great beauty. But hold up, because software's going to take a little while to catch up with it. Read More >>

LG's Fancy New Full HD 5-Inch Phone Display Has an Absolutely Insane Pixel Density

Move over Retina Display, there's a new high-resolution beast in town and it's made by LG. It's the world's first 1080p full HD 5-inch display with a whopping 440ppi density, which totally annihilates everything else, including the iPhone 4S's puny 326 ppi Retina Display. Read More >>


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