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How They Actually Made Batman's Awesome Tumbler From The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises special features footage continues to flow. After finding out how they made the amazing exploding American football field, now we find out how the Tumbler came to be. Seems it was a bunch of Brits that built it, too. Read More >>

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Screw Batman, The Dark Knight Rises Is All About Bane

What happens when you recut The Dark Knight Rises so it's just a movie about Bane? Awesomeness, that's what. This is Bane the Movie, a short film about a hero who fights for change against a bumbling rich man in a Halloween costume. Brilliant. Read More >>

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Here's How They Created That Incredible Exploding Football Field In The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises was pretty incredible for many reasons, truly living up to the hype. But one of the most jaw-dropping bits was when Bane blew-up an American football stadium right at the start of a game. Here's how they actually did it. Read More >>

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Here Are Two New Dark Knight Rises Trailers to Keep You Going Until Friday

It's so close I can almost taste it. The Dark Knight Rises premieres this Friday, but if you haven't already got tickets I'm afraid you're probably out of luck. My local cinemaplex is sold out through till Tuesday, if you can believe it. Still, here are a couple more trailers to keep your appetite whet. Read More >>

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This Awesome 13-Minute The Dark Knight Rises Featurette Shows It'll Be a Truly Epic Conclusion

Just 11 days now till we can haul our arses down to our local cinemaplex and witness the lastest, and hopefully greatest, instalment of Nolan's Batman trilogy. If like me you just can't quite wait, here's a full 13-minute featurette to tide you over till next week. Read More >>

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Here's Some More New Dark Knight Rises Footage and Something Batman to Play With

We're finally in July, which means there's less than 18 days to go till we get to gorge ourselves on the latest Batman outing from Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight Rises hype machine is in full swing with more unseen footage and a stab at a viral site. Read More >>

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This Awesome Full Length Trailer For The Dark Knight Rises Is the Best Yet

The marketing machine for The Dark Knight Rises is running at full throttle. For us that means some seriously good teasers like this latest two-minute trailer, and a few other bits Batman paraphernalia like this "Dent Act" to ogle at. Read More >>

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Batman Wants Back In the Game With Some Serious Hardware

The latest trailer for the Dark Knight Rises has just hit, and it's got a whole bunch of new unseen footage. It seems Batman wants back in the game, and thankfully Fox has the gear to make it happen. All those awesome toys. Read More >>


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