Google Is Now Deleting Nine "Pirate" Links Every Second

Groups like the RIAA are putting in millions of DMCA requests to pull "pirate" links off Google, and even though it doesn't seem to help, the landslide's not letting up. As of last month, Google was taking down nine pirate links every single second of every single day. Read More >>

The Most Convoluted DMCA Takedown Request of All Time

Anti-Gay group Straight Pride UK is abusing the DMCA takedown process to censor work by a journalist. No surprise there — the DMCA is twisted for all kinds of dumb purposes. The inexplicable part? The hate group filed a takedown on... its own press release. How dare you say that we said the words that we wrote in a press release. Read More >>

Google's Piracy Takedown Requests Hit By... Takedown Request

The big movie studios are going after Google, asking the search giant to stop publishing links to the DMCA takedown requests it receives as these only add to the ways people can try to find copyrighted material. Read More >>

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Everything Wrong with Digital Copyright (and How to Fix It)

Digital copyright is broken. We know this inherently, and wheeze exasperation whenever the latest nonsensical DRM news up. But fixing it's not as simple as tossing the whole system out the window. So here's a breakdown of every way digital copyright has gone wrong, and, with luck and persistence and prevailing sanity, how it can maybe fix itself. Read More >>

Mega Is Already Getting a Ton of Copyright Takedown Requests Because Obviously

Mega and Megaupload sprang forth from the same loins so maybe it's unsurprising that Kim Dotcom's latest venture into the world of file sharing is already running into problems. Here we go again kids. Read More >>

Google Gets Ten Times As Many Takedown Requests As It Did Six Months Ago

Back in May when Google started publishing the takedown requests it received from copyright holders, the number was fairly high, roughly 250.000 a week. That's as much as all of 2009. Now, it's even higher. As of this month, that number has reached 2.5 million. Read More >>

Rogue DMCA Notice Stakes a Bizarre Claim on the Number 45

Bogus DMCA notices are unfortunately nothing new, but one recently issued to Google from Microsoft seems to go a bit further — and get a bit more absurd — than your average takedown request. This one hit sites like Wikipedia, the BBC, TechCrunch, and AMC Theaters, seemingly over the use of the number 45. Read More >>

Google Gets Tonnes of Takedown Requests For Sites That Don't Even Exist Anymore

Rightsholders sure are trigger-happy when it comes to wiping their copyrighted content off the face of the Internet. They're so trigger-happy, in fact, that they're dishing out all kind of takedown requests for links to websites that haven't existed for months. Read More >>

Google's Giving YouTube a Pass With Its New Piracy Provisions

Google is implementing a new policy that will smack down search results from sites that get a lot of DMCA requests. That must affect Google's own YouTube, which must get slammed with them all the time, right? Not exactly. Read More >>

NASA's Official Mars Landing Video Got Taken Off YouTube Over Bogus Copyright Claims

The Curiosity Rover may have landed safely on the surface of Mars, but like all good things, it's not invulnerable to completely bogus DMCA takedown requests. Read More >>

Whiny RIAA Demands Even More Google Censorship

An RIAA bigwig just laid a blog post smackdown on Google, claiming the search giant doesn't do enough to remove links to copyrighted material. Apparently, processing more than one million requests for removal per month isn't enough. Read More >>

The Netherlands Looks to Take the Lead in Rational Copyright Legislation

Copyright laws are designed to protect the "fair use" of copyrighted content such as mash-ups and remixes — or they were, at least, until the advent of the dreaded DMCA Takedown Notice. The Dutch government has taken notes on America's IP failures and is reportedly looking to explicitly protect such DMCA fodder, much to the chagrin of the European Union. Read More >>

Meta: Universal Music Censors News Story About Its Censorship of Megaupload

Universal Music's legal department sure has been busy! Late last week UMG had a song defending Megaupload removed from YouTube on a false copyright claim. Then on Monday, the company had a news report removed on the same grounds. Read More >>


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