"It's Not Cybersex, I'm Showing it to a Doctor" as Skype GP Visits Set to Become the Norm

Doctors in the UK may soon start consulting with patients remotely, with the government putting plans into place that could see younger and more forward-thinking GPs able to consult with younger and more forward-thinking patients via video chat tools. Read More >>

3d printing
3D Printing Helps Rebuild Motorcyclist's Crushed Face

Despite wearing a helmet, Cardiff biker Stephen Power managed to break his cheek bones, upper jaw, nose and fracture his skull in an accident in 2012, one that required a four-month hospital stay as part of his recovery. Now, to patch his face up, doctors are inserting 3D printed parts. Read More >>

Your Smartphone Can Now Be Your Eye Doctor

It was only a matter of time before smartphones made the transition from communication device to full blown Star Trek tricorder. And with the development of Peek (an acronym for Portable Eye Examination Kit), that transition is nearly complete. Read More >>

One in Four Surgical Errors Is a Machine's Fault

Technology might be transforming the world of healthcare, but it's also throwing up its fair share of problems, too: according to a new study, 1 in 4 surgical errors is a result of a technological glitch.
The new research, published in the journal BMJ Quality & Safety, indicates that an average of 15 errors occur during a typical operation—and that technological failure accounts for 24 per cent of 'em. That's a substantial proportion, in an area that most people would expect to be fairly robust. Read More >>

Sick Baby Frozen for Four Days, Thawed Out and Restored to Health

An amazing bit of weird medical science came to the help of newborn baby Edward Ives, who was stripped, wrapped in an ice blanket and left to freeze for four days. On purpose. By doctors. And it worked. Read More >>

Would You Be Comfortable Trusting Your Health To a Robot Doctor?

Technology is marching ever forward and the medicine is no exception. CNN's Fortune Tech predicts tech will eventually take over 80 percent of what doctors do today, and that might be great, but would you feel comfortable putting your life in the hands of Dr. Robot? Chances are that someday, you won't have a choice. Read More >>

Using Your iPhone To Detect Ear Infections Also Keeps the Doctor Away

Forget that daily apple. Researchers at Georgia Tech and Emory University have developed the Remotoscope, an accessory that turns the iPhone into an ear-inspecting otoscope so doctors can diagnose and treat kids remotely in the event of an ear infection. Read More >>

The Robot Doctors of the Future Are Coming

Remember how in sci-fi tomorrowland we were promised that doctors would be followed around by robots who knew your medical history by rote and could make sure that nothing gets missed? Well, we've woken up in the future because shit just got real. Read More >>

A Video Game Designed to Help Doctors to Recognise Drug Abuse

At Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the doctors are training themselves with technology to better recognise the signs of addiction. Read More >>

The Most Extensive Face Transplant Ever Gives a Man a New Jaw, Teeth, Tongue, Muscle, Tissue, Bone and Skin

In 1997, Richard Lee Norris suffered a horrific gun accident that ripped off his nose, chin, lips and teeth and turned him into a recluse. 15 years later, doctors were able to perform the "most extensive face transplant ever" and give him a brand new face and new life. Read More >>

How Lab Coats Became a Dying Breed

Lab coats: they're white, mostly plain, boxy. Functional, and ultimately sartorially boring. But ask any doctor or lab tech about their lab coat and they will chat up a storm. Often about how they can't wait to ditch them—if they haven't already. Read More >>

Doctors Look at Anti-Sleep Drug To Get Through Shifts

There's no doubt that being a doctor is hard work. Long hours and little sleep, where one wrong move could be disastrous for the patient. But is turning to drugs to stay alert really the answer? Read More >>

Painful Neck? Smartphone owner? YOU May Be Suffering from Text Neck!

Infomercials, Start Your Copywriting! "Text Neck" is apparently a thing now, and anyone with a smartphone and a sore neck will be ripe for the picking this holiday season! Read More >>


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