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Take a Fascinating Tour Behind the Scenes of The Shining

What was it like working on the set of legendary film director Stanley Kubrick as he adapted The Shining, Stephen King's bestselling horror story, to the silver screen? If these cast and crew interviews from the new documentary Staircases to Nowhere, are any indication, the answer is: pretty dang awesome. Read More >>

Dear BBC, Please Don't Take My BBC4 Away From Me

Last night was one of the rare occasions when I got home from work at a reasonable time, didn't have any writing assignments to be getting on with and didn't have any beer to drink. Socially, of course. I got to watch some TV for the first time in weeks. The first channel I always look to? BBC4. Read More >>

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Life of Pi's VFX Team Explain What's Wrong With Their Industry

In 2013, Rhythm 'N Hues Studios won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for Life of Pi just 11 days after declaring bankruptcy. This is the story of where they—and nearly two dozen other studios that have closed in the last decade—went wrong. Read More >>

This Documentary Will Inspire You to Explore Your City With a Camera

There's no better playground for a photographer than a bustling, loud, dynamic city. In the documentary Everybody Street, which just dropped on Vimeo, some of New York's most iconic photogs talk about the challenge and excitement of shooting everyday urban life. Read More >>

The World's Largest Lunchbox Museum Is a Nostalgic Wonderland

So many formative experiences occurred in school cafeterias where the lunchbox was a symbol of your budding sense of identity. Those little tin boxes line the walls of one quaint little museum in the back of an antique mall in Georgia. Read More >>

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How Napster Brought the Recording Industry to Its Knees

Just over thirteen years ago, a novel file sharing service called Napster sent the recording industry into a tizzy. Suddenly nobody had to pay for music any more thanks to the Internet. Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker pretty much single-handedly spearheaded the file-sharing revolution that the recording and motion picture industries are only just starting to catch up to. Read More >>

Felix Baumgartner's Pressure Suit Almost Ruined the Stratos Jump

When Felix Baumgartner lept from a floating capsule in the stratosphere, plunging 24 miles to the ground, most of us here on Earth were busy thinking "I could never bring myself to do that." Turns out Baumgartner almost couldn't either. But it wasn't exactly the fall that was freaking him out, it was the suit designed to keep him alive. Read More >>

Never Underestimate the Power of a Strong Title Sequence

An amazing opening-credit sequence can really immerse an audience, setting the tone for the entire film. PBS's Off Book series showcases the designers behind such films as Seven, Blue Valentine, and Mad Men. Watch the video to hear their approach to such a specific, but important, aspect of filmmaking. [YouTube / PBS va Laughing Squid] Read More >>

When Art and Technology and Moby Collide

We're at an artistic crossroads, says the documentary Press Pause Play. Technology means it's never been easier to create, to push out a little piece of oneself and share it with the world. But that ease has created a landscape where the haystack is gigantic and the needles still relatively sparse. Read More >>

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Here's How You Make a Documentary Only Using HTML5 and WebGL Graphics

One Millionth Tower is part of Highrise, a series of mini-documentaries about the history of high rise towers and their effect on society. What sets this one apart from the others is that it was made using HTML5 technologies such as WebGL and Javascript. Read More >>


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