Stark, Beautiful Photos of an Abandoned Greek Airport

Ellinikon International Airport, located in Athens, Greece, was shut down in 2001. The site has been left partially intact while development plans take place, and photographer Alexandros Lambrovassilis has been revisiting the site for years to document its remains. Read More >>

This Documentary Will Inspire You to Explore Your City With a Camera

There's no better playground for a photographer than a bustling, loud, dynamic city. In the documentary Everybody Street, which just dropped on Vimeo, some of New York's most iconic photogs talk about the challenge and excitement of shooting everyday urban life. Read More >>

A Hand-Built Amusement Park in the Middle of the Italian Forest

A documentary called Ai Pioppi, released by Fabrica and written by Luiz Romero, documents the incredible story of Bruno, an Italian restaurateur who, in his spare time, is hand-building an entire amusement park in the woods. Read More >>

The Art of the Hologram Is Alive in This Underground Laboratory

Holograms occupy a strange place in our visual culture. Encountering a genuinely innovative holographic image can elicit wonder and joy, yet the technology has struggled to transcend election night gimmicks and Tupac exploitation. But for those who run the Holographic Studios in NYC, creating 3D images remains an obsession and an art. Read More >>

The World's Largest Lunchbox Museum Is a Nostalgic Wonderland

So many formative experiences occurred in school cafeterias where the lunchbox was a symbol of your budding sense of identity. Those little tin boxes line the walls of one quaint little museum in the back of an antique mall in Georgia. Read More >>

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This Short Doc About a Magnetic Tape Fanatic Will Break Your Heart

No matter how outmoded the technology, you'll find someone who's devastated that it's gone. These people are in absolute denial about the old tech's inferiority to the advancements that supplanted it. This is Micke, the Swedish tape nut. He is precisely the luddite we're talking about. Read More >>

Watch the Full Documentary About 3D Printed Weapons Right Here: Click. Print. Gun.

After getting teased with the trailer for Click. Print. Gun, Motherboard's documentary on the 3D printed gun movement, we finally get to watch the whole thing. The doc takes a look at Cody R. Wilson, a 25-year-old University of Texas law student, and how he's been building weapon parts with a 3D printer. Read More >>

The Terrifying Future is 3D Printed Weapons

Vice Motherboard just released a trailer for Click. Print. Gun., its upcoming documentary on 3D printed guns, and you get to see a glimpse of the terrifying future that is having access to guns and gun parts that you can just click and print. The doc follows Cody R. Wilson, a guy who has home printed a semi-automatic rifle and uploaded all the info on the Internet. Fun! [Vice] Read More >>

Felix Baumgartner's Pressure Suit Almost Ruined the Stratos Jump

When Felix Baumgartner lept from a floating capsule in the stratosphere, plunging 24 miles to the ground, most of us here on Earth were busy thinking "I could never bring myself to do that." Turns out Baumgartner almost couldn't either. But it wasn't exactly the fall that was freaking him out, it was the suit designed to keep him alive. Read More >>

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The Arrested Development Documentary Final Trailer Is Out!

REJOICE, fellow disturbed individuals! The final trailer of the Arrested Development—perhaps the much-anticipated new season appears on Netflix. Read More >>

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This 10-Minute Halo 4 Documentary Is More Like an Epic Trailer

343 Industries, the studio producing the latest instalment in the Halo franchise, has put together a making-of documentary for Halo 4. But instead of the normal, drab and dreary talking heads that bore you to death, it plays more like a massive, 10-minute Halo 4 trailer, and is well worth a watch. Read More >>

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The Aesthetics and Culture of 8-Bit Art, Adorably Explained

Almost all members of Generation Y, aka the 'Millenials,' have some sort of relationship to, or remembrance of 8-bit. PBS delves into the distinct style in their latest Off Book video. Read More >>

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The First 4K Movie You Can Download Is 160GB and Absolutely Breathtaking

I've been waiting for this moment for a long time and, at last, it's here: Tom Lowe has released his stunning documentary TimeScapes, a silent portrait of our planet captured with exquisite 4K cinematography. Read More >>

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What It's Like Living in an Abandoned Auto Factory

Some people take pride in the huge gardens or expansive rooftop decks they have at home. Alan Hill of Detroit, Michigan? He lives in an abandoned automobile factory. And he's every bit as happy with his home as they are. Read More >>

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The Concorde Story—The Documentary

Time to kill? Like planes? Watch this old documentary on the story of the Concorde, the first and only turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner in history. The 20 planes flew for 27 years, mainly between London Heathrow and Paris-Charles de Gaulle to New York JFK. Read More >>

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Film and Video Face Off for Cinema Supremacy

The conquering of traditional film by video technology is a story whose outcome was perhaps decided years ago. But there remain the hangers-on who fight in the name of those grainy, flickering, celluloid strips. "Side by Side" is a documentary produced by Keanu Reeves (seriously), which examines the transition from film to video in the world of movies. Read More >>


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