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When It Comes to Book Dominos, the Longer the Better

To mark the launch of its Summer Reading program this year, Seattle Public library broke the world record for the longest book domino chain -- 2,131 books to be precise -- in its absolutely stunning setting. I wish my library looked this awesome, and did cool stuff like that. [YouTube via BuzzFeed] Read More >>

Dominos Makes Awesome DVDs That Smell Like Pizza When They're Played

How's this for a brilliant marketing campaign? To help sell the notion that there's no better way to spend an evening than with a pizza and a movie, Dominos in Brazil created custom DVDs with a heat-reactive flavoured varnish that actually smelled like pizza once they were played. Read More >>

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3D Domino Mayhem Makes Dinosaur Extinction Way More Adorable

If you've ever wondered what exactly wiped out the dinosaurs and how quickly over 38 hours of painstaking domino stacking can be undone, check out FlippyCat's latest tumbling creation. It's particularly noteworthy this time not just because it's educational, but also because most of the dinosaurs and the giant earth were actually created in 3D. Read More >>

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Watching These 60,000 Dominos Fall Is an Intensely Satisfying Experience

A dude called Flippycat thought it would be a good idea to stack 60,000 dominos to make 60 big walls and then hit them to watch them fall. I don't blame him; it's so satisfying watching all that colour fall. Read More >>

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Hundreds Of Balloons Fall Victim to a Giant Laser

Watching thousands upon thousands of dominos fall in series just doesn't excite us like it used to. OK, it was never really that exciting. So we're hoping the next fad has people using high-powered lasers to pop balloons like this record-setting run. Read More >>

The Domino's Super Bowl Pizza War Room Oozes Pepperoni, Cheese, and Sadness

On Super Bowl Sunday, 55 IT specialists will huddle together in a dark room to keep company's website afloat on the biggest day of its entire year, since it's going to be bombarded by millions of ravenous fans. But the company they work for isn't the NFL. Read More >>


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