Have You Ever Donated Money to Wikipedia?

Every so often, the great Internet resource that everyone uses Wikipedia starts asking people for donations. This year a gigantic morning pee-coloured banner pops up asking for a few bucks so the lights can stay on and we can all get free information. It's a great cause! Can you imagine the internet without Wikipedia? But have any of you guys ever donated? Read More >>

How Much Would You Pay For a Subscription to Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is an amazing website. In fact, it's probably become such an integral part of your life that you hardly give it much thought except for when messages start popping up at the top of the screen, asking for your financial aid. Read More >>

Buy Green, Call It "Red", Help Raise Money For UNICEF

Wall-brightener Dulux has launched a charity scheme called Own A Colour, which is giving charity-minded people the chance to pick one of 16.7m colours and give it a unique name. Read More >>


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