Sky's DVD-in-the-Post Buy & Keep Service is Now Live

Sky's weird Buy & Keep thing is now operational in the UK, letting people who demand instant digital satisfaction yet still want the reflected glory of a physical media collection enjoy the best of both worlds. You buy a film through your Sky box, you watch it right there and then, before a DVD copy turns up in the post a few days later, to use as a coaster or present. [Sky] Read More >>

Of Course People are Pirating Game of Thrones When it's This Bloody Expensive to Watch Legally

The lack of affordable legal ways to watch popular fantasy piece Game of Thrones is triggering a boom in piracy, with traditional broadcast networks using it as a tantalising reason for us to pay real money to stay up with the latest episodes. Read More >>

Sky Preparing "Buy & Keep" Digital Downloads for Collector Market

If you still feel the need to express yourself via a collection of Hollywood movies, Sky's new Buy & Keep service is for you. It lets you "Buy" then "Keep" digital downloads of films (and TV box sets eventually), with a big selling point of a physical DVD copy for your mainstream media display shelf sent in the post when you buy digitally. It launches "in the coming weeks" says Sky, for a price as yet unannounced. Read More >>

EE Shares More Details on London's Stonking 300Mb LTE-A

4G network EE is set to further boost its lead in the LTE world, with company boss Olaf Swantee following through on promises that the capital's 4G speeds will be boosted to a scarcely-believable maximum of 300Mb/s. That's fast enough to download the entire contents of a simple person's brain in under a minute. Read More >>

The Good News is Students are Reading Their Books; the Bad News is They're Pirating Loads of 'em

Research into the piracy of digital coursework books for students has found that levels of illegal sharing are ridiculously high, with nearly three-quarters of the educational ebooks researchers looked for easily discoverable on file-sharing networks. Read More >>

Is Rubbish Music or Legal Streaming Responsible for the Huge Drop in UK Music Piracy?

Stats on the UK music piracy scene reveal a staggering drop in online music theft over the last year, with the number of pirated tracks falling by around a third, dropping from 301m in the year to March 2012 to just 199m one year later. Read More >>

Two Per Cent of Web Users do Three-Quarters of the Illegal Downloading

Stats from UK telecom regulator Ofcom reveal that the piracy problem is perhaps a bit less widespread than is often claimed, with just two per cent of the UK's internet users responsible for three-quarters of all illegal downloads. Read More >>

You Can Finally Download BBC iPlayer Programs on Android

Having taken what seems like forever to match its iOS counterpart, the BBC's iPlayer app for Android can now download shows for offline viewing, at last. Read More >>

ISPs Asked to Compile "Downloader's Database" of Music Thieves

The BPI and the major UK record labels are meeting at Downing Street next week, to see what more can be done to dissuade piracy in the UK. Top of the list is pushing a scheme that asks ISPs to voluntarily track illegal downloaders to make their prosecution easier. Read More >>

Apple Fans Furious Over Breaking Bad Series Split Making Bittorrent Still the Favourite Viewing Platform

The final series of cult US show Breaking Bad was split into two parts for some reason, with the two-part approach causing angst among Apple users who thought they'd bought a season pass to watch the whole thing. Now they're being asked to pay again for the second bunch of episodes. Read More >>

Amazon UK Launches Digital Download Games Shop

Amazon has finally brought its combined digital download gaming shop to the UK, selling big-name titles alongside Steam and EA Origin codes, and also letting users browse and download a selection of free games and utilities. Read More >>

Top Gear, Fawlty Towers and More TV Shows Hit UK Google Play Store

Google is now letting UK Android users buy TV shows through their phones and tablets, with a selection of UK and US telly content now available. £1.89 gets you a single episode of Fawlty Towers, while £8.99 buys you a whole series of US import House. Plus there's Top Gear, Peppa Pig, Luther, Breaking Bad and much more to fill your phone's dwindling memory space with. [Google Play] Read More >>

James Blunt Spams "the Whole of the UK" With New Single Email

After years of offending our ears with his music, mystifyingly popular singer James Blunt has now managed to offend our eyes -- thanks to an email PR campaign that ended up spamming "millions" of people. Read More >>

Breaking Bad's Last Episodes Hitting Netflix UK 24 Hours After US Broadcast

Netflix UK has some great news for fans of adult-rated Malcolm in the Middle sequel Breaking Bad, revealing that the final batch of episodes of the tragi-comic cookery show will be available for streaming in the UK and Ireland just 24 hours after they're aired on their US network. Read More >>

Average UK Broadband Speeds Rocket by 41 Per Cent in a Year

The rise of the fibre network had an enormous impact on the UK's average broadband speeds over the last 12 months, with the average internet user now connected to the online world of infinite fun at a lightning 7.9Mbps. Read More >>

Sky's Wi-Fi Router Isn't Fast Enough to Deliver its Top Fibre Speeds

The latest version of the Sky Hub router Sky gives out to its fibre broadband customers has a bit of a problem, with tests finding it can't deliver the fastest advertised fibre speeds over its Wi-Fi connection. Ooops. Read More >>


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