Network Issues Bring Down Spotify in the UK

Break out the hard drive with the MP3s on -- Spotify's down. The streaming site is refusing to work for many people in the UK right now, with Spotify's support account saying it's currently investigating why "people connecting to our UK data centre" are unable to get online. Are you up or down, or a defiant vinyl enthusiast with an extra reason to be smug today? [Spotify Support] Read More >>

Google Apologises for 2.6 Second Gmail Delays

Google's issued an apology and humble explanation for the tech issues that dogged Gmail for some yesterday, which varied in impact from triggering the odd error message to causing a small percentage of emails to take as long as two hours to get through. Read More >>

Five-Minute Google Outage Caused 40 Per Cent Plummet in Internet Traffic

Google's globe-spanning systems suffered a brief but calamitous failure over the weekend, with everything from Gmail to the company's omnipresent search boxes failing to respond for a period of between two and five minutes. This brief downtime caused a staggering 40 per cent collapse in internet traffic. Read More >>

This is Why an Always-on Xbox Would Be a Bad Idea

The internet was full of more moaning sad men than usual over the weekend, as a massive chunk of downtime broke Xbox Live and crippled Microsoft's gaming service in the UK and overseas. This is why we don't want to have to deal with an always-on console. Read More >>

The Daily Express Shows Huge Tech Ignorance With "Bring Down The Internet" Hurricane Claim

"Experts" quoted by the Daily Express claim that the internet as we know it could be taken out by Hurricane Sandy, thanks to a doomsday scenario that doesn't really tally with how the internet actually works. Read More >>

Pirate Bay's Two-Day Downtime Was a Boring PSU Issue, Not a Global Crackdown

The Pirate Bay suffered nigh-on 48 hours of downtime earlier this week, prompting millions of internet users to consider paying for legitimate DVD copies of movies. Or, more likely, to spend 30 seconds looking for an alternate torrent tracker. Anyway, it's back up. Read More >>

Apple Says iCloud Isn't Broken For Anybody Anymore

Recently some iClouders have been having trouble with the service's email. The downtime made a bit of a mess for the roughly two million users it affected, but now Apple has apologised, and assured everyone that all the screwed up emails have made it through now. Read More >>

windows phone
Microsoft Fixes WP App-Publishing Black Hole Glitch

The bizarre glitch that saw Microsoft break/suspend the publishing of new apps on its Marketplace has been fixed, with MS mending the digital certificate problem that was causing the WP app store to appear even more barren than usual. It'll take "a day or two" for the updated code to fully deploy and for new apps to appear again for those hit by the lockout. [Windows Team Blog] Read More >>

Wikipedia Went Down Because Some Idiot Cut Some Cables

Yesterday, everyone's go-to online source for free information (cited or not) was knocked offline for a couple of hours, thanks to a bunch of accidentally cut cables near a data centre in Florida. Read More >>

Hackers Say Twitter Got Hacked, Twitter Says it Just Broke

Twitter was down for a big chunk of last night, causing the nation to look up from its telephones, blink and look around the room in a state of distress, then get up to instinctively make a cup of tea. Twitter says it broke, hackers say they hacked it. Who's right? Read More >>

Virgin Media Suffered Three-Hour "National Outage" Last Night

Virgin Media has issued an apology about last night. The company's broadband service suffered a three-hour period of downtime yesterday evening, which effected users across the country. Read More >>

RIM Offers Free Apps & Games to Appease Users Over BBM Outages

BlackBerry maker RIM has announced it's giving away a stack of apps and games to its users over the next few months, as a combined apology and peace-offering to those who suffered during last week's "BlackBerry Jam" network failures. Read More >>

RIM: Our BBM Core Switch Failed. Then Our Back-Up Failed

BlackBerry maker RIM has released a statement on the ongoing BlackBerry Messenger service failures, saying that pretty much everything broke at once. And there's now a big backlog of sexy texts to process. Read More >>


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