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This is Why Google's Awesome: Google Maps Has the Best Dr Who Easter Egg Ever

Did you know the TARDIS was located on Earl's Court Road in London? No, neither did I. But Google spotted it, and seemingly drove its Street View car right on in there. Check out this wicked Easter egg and take a trip inside Dr Who's amazing time machine. Read More >>

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If the New Dr Who Channelled Malcolm Tucker, This Profanity-Filled Hoot is What It Would Be Like

At last we have a new Dr Who, and surprisingly the BBC's picked none other than Peter Capaldi, who's best known as the foul-mouthed spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker from The Thick Of It. Some enterprising video remixer spliced together Dr Who footage with Malcolm Tucker scenes to produce this little hilariously abuse-filled diatribe. Something tells me this wouldn't fly with regular Dr Who fans. Read More >>

What Do You Think of the New Dr Who?

We finally have a new Dr Who, as 55-year-old Peter Capaldi, best known as the foul-mouthed spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker, has been lined up to replace the pristine Matt Smith. That's quite a change. Is Dr Who going to get a bit more hard-core, at last? Read More >>

Who Should Be the Next Dr Who?

Matt Smith is leaving Dr Who after four years of playing the cult British sci-fi hero. The 50th Who anniversary episode, which is scheduled to play to the nation in November, will be his last. Now that the floppy-haired screwdriver-wielder is out of the picture, who should be the next Dr Who? Read More >>

What If Doctor Who Was a Cheesy 16-bit RPG?

Strip Doctor Who of its BBC production values, translate it into a 16-bit role playing game, and you have something so deliciously geeky that it really ought be made a reality. Read More >>

What Was Your Favourite Dalek Moment in Dr Who?

Over the weekend, we received the tragic news that Ray Cusick, the original designer of Dr Who's Dalek arch-enemies, and small-child-terrifyer In Chief, passed away, nearly fifty years after the armour-clad mutants first made all of Britain's kiddies poo themselves. Read More >>

Timelord Your TV Into Submission With Dr Who's Sonic Screwdriver Remote

TVs can occasionally be troublesome beasties, leaving you stabbing in frustration at your remote. If it's anything like the Sonic Screwdriver it's modelled on though, this remote should be able to zap it into submission, while at the same time well and truly establishing you as a gold-plated nerd. Read More >>

Feel Free to Use London's Phone Boxes For Wi-Fi, If You Can Be Bothered

In today's society, everyone and their mothers (and their mother's mothers) owns a mobile phone of some sort, making one of the cornerstones of British culture essentially redundant to everyone (apart from the Doctor). So, with these red boxes taking up a bunch of room in the streets of London, why not make some use out of them? Spectrum Interactive is doing exactly that, by offering free access to Wi-Fi hot spots located in various phone boxes dotted around the capital. But there is a catch. Read More >>

Science Finally Makes Dr. Who's Awesome Sonic Screwdriver a Reality

The BBC might have been blowing smoke when it first came up with the idea behind Dr. Who’s marvellous sonic screwdriver, but science has mimicked science fiction once again – the sonic screwdriver is real, and we the have boffins from the University of Dundee to thank for it. Read More >>

Dr Who's New Companion Welcomed Aboard With Fake Twitter Sex Vid Spam

Poor old Jenna-Louise Coleman was launched into the spotlight yesterday, as the BBC announced she'd be the next platonic bit-on-the-side to team up with Dr Who in the mainstream children's drama. It didn't take long for Twitter spam bots to start firing out links to fake sex videos supposedly starring the actress. Read More >>

A Kids Ride-In Dalek Is Your Exterminate! Exterminate! Deal of the Day

There’s a few bargains mooching about today of varying shapes, sizes and levels of quality, but we can’t get past this one. The problem is that you’ll only get maximum benefit out of it if you’re between 3-6 years of age, or a dwarf. Read More >>

This Lego-Crazy Family Builds a Different 100,000-Brick Model Every Christmas

This is the Addis family and their 100,000-brick Lego Christmas-themed Dalek—Dr. Who's enemy cyborgs. Every December, the Addis—Mike, Catherine and their three children, Tom, Holly and Christopher—spend hours creating something massive out of bricks. Read More >>

Beeb Plays Gunpowder, Treason and Plot with New Dr Who game

Yes, that's right the good ol'BBC is putting your Licence Fee to good use and is creating a new Dr Who adventure game that'll recreate the treasonous ways of Guy Fawkes and his half-arsed attempt to blow up Parliament. Read More >>


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