See the Difference Between an Artist's Drawings From Age Two to Now

This is great. Artist Jake Lockett reveals his progression as an artist from a wee two-year-old to now at 24 years young in a fantastic collection of his own work. You can see the simple drawings he made at two and three to the addition of colour and imagination a few years later to more sophisticated work around 10 and then finally developing his own style in the more recent years. Artists aren't all born brilliant. Read More >>

Draw a Straight Line or a Famous City Skyline With These Rulers

A ruler is traditionally a straightforward thing, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. These pretty pieces from Monkey Business give you a measuring edge when you need it, and a city skyline stencil when you're feeling playful. Read More >>

An Incredibly Simple Way to Draw Your Hand in 3D

For millennia, when children traced their hands on paper the end result was always the same. Now we are on the brink of a revolution. Today, we have learned how to draw our hands in 3D—and are here to teach you. Read More >>

The Insane Morgan Freeman iPad Painting: An Investigation in Four Acts

If you've been on the internet in the past month, chances are you've seen a remarkably lifelike portrait of Morgan Freeman painted entirely with the iPad app Procreate. It's so unbelievably similar to the photo that inspired it that many have, quite literally, been unable to believe their eyes. But is there any credence to the deniers' claims? Or is the artist being unfairly lambasted for no worse crime than being too good? Well—it's complicated.

27 Cutaway Drawings That Show the Inner Workings of Buildings

Cutaway or cross-section drawings are mostly just fancy residues of a long-gone era when engineering and architecture visualisation was based on hand-drawn images that were often closer to art than illustration. Read More >>

The Prettiest iPad Drawing App Now Has the Prettiest Stylus Companion

Have you used Paper by 53 Design? It's that iPad drawing app that is so decked out in pretty, design-y, feel-good-ness that it makes all who use it feel like Matisse. Well, now its creators have put out an equally gorgeous stylus. Read More >>

Wacom Bamboo Pad: A Touchpad Enhanced for Sketching and Writing

Wacom is covering all grounds lately with new products. Their latest is the Bamboo Pad, a touch surface with the gesture control the likes of an Apple Magic Trackpad, with some added functionality for drawing and jotting down notes. Read More >>

Wow These Unbelievable 3D Drawings Are Actually Drawn in 2D

y eyes are telling me that this is 3D art. My brain is telling me that these are 3D drawings. My entire being believes that this is crafted in 3D. But nope. These drawings are actually 2D with clever shading and angles to make us believe they're in 3D. I still can't believe it. Read More >>

Urville: The Booming Metropolis Inside an Autistic Artist's Mind

Spending a decade (or two) on a project isn't uncommon amongst urban planners. Gilles Trehin is one of them. Except in Trehin's case, the project is entirely fictional, and the scale is monumental. Read More >>

An Ode To the Unsung Art of Anime Backgrounds

Backdrops are called backdrops for a reason—they're designed to fade against the focus of a particular scene. But as a new single-serving Tumblr called Anime Backgrounds proves, sometimes the best art is to be found behind the characters. Read More >>

Having Strangers Draw Your Facebook Profile Pic Is Pretty Awesome

Here's something we should all totally get behind: strangers drawing strangers' Facebook profile pictures. Called Selfless Portraits, it's an incredible art project that allows random people to draw other random people's profile pics, and collects them all in a gallery of side-by-side portraits. Some of them are wonderful. Others are bonkers. All of them are awesome. Read More >>

These Gummy Bears Are Actually a Painting

If you think you can eat these gummy bears, you'd be wrong. They're not real. As in they're not actually gummy bears. Instead, the gummy deliciousness is actually an extremely photorealistic painting made by Jeanne Vadeboncoeur. So good. Read More >>

These Weird Cartoon Faces Are All Drawn By an Algorithm

There's a certain aspect of human creation, a quaint sort inconsistent imperfection, that most of us tend to think is exclusive to us meatbags. Turns out it's not; computers can emulate that too, and these weird-looking cartoon faces you could swear were drawn by a five-year-old prove it. Read More >>

Be Quick on the Draw – Even if You Can't Draw!

Imagine if you could sketch ideas without having to draw a single line. Well, with Idea Sketch on the GALAXY Note II, that becomes a reality. Whether you're putting together a presentation for work, creating a birthday card for a loved one or just doodling ideas, Idea Sketch gives you the tools to make your designs more impressive. Read More >>

Doodling Made a Doddle

The GALAXY Note II comes with the innovative S Pen, a clever tool that opens up a whole new world of freestyle sketching, drawing, handwritten note-taking and much more. Read More >>

Self-Portrait Drawing Machine Lets the Hopelessly Unartistic Sketch Themselves

If your attempts at art usually end up looking more at home on the fridge than a fine gallery, you might want to see if artists Kyle McDonald and Matt Mets will let you use their wonderful Self-Portrait machine which doesn't require a lick of talent. Read More >>


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