Scientists Can Read Dreams Using Brain Scans

A team of scientists claim to have developed techniques which allows them to read dreams via brain scans — and it could help us better understand what goes on in the brain while we sleep. Read More >>

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Want to Control Your Dreams? There's an App For That

London-based Yuza Mobile is no stranger to crazy-sounding apps but its latest, Dream:ON for the iPhone, certainly takes the biscuit. It promises to let you guide your dreams using the power of suggestive soundscapes. Read More >>

Aliens Come to Abduct You in Your Sleep

Otherworldly, out-of-body experiences and alien abductions -- they've been the stuff of legend for decades. Turns out, they're probably just figments of our imaginations and scientists are trying to prove it. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About That Freaky Dream Last Night

Still can't quite shake the feeling that your school gym teacher is sneaking up behind you on the back of a fiery dragon steed? This video will explain everything you need to know about why your brain dreamed it. Stupid brain. Read More >>

Your Dreams Should Be Displayed on Your Bed Like This

Photographer Jan von Holleben came up with a clever way to re-create his famous "Dreams of Flying" series by photographing a girl sleeping on her bed and having the girl's dreams fully displayed around her. I love it. Read More >>


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