Netflix Just Staked Out New Ground in Fight for Your Kids' Eyeballs

Starting next year, Netflix will begin showing exclusive shows starring characters your children are already intimately familiar with. The collection will include nearly 300 hours of programming, and it could end up being a more important chip than a dozen Arrested Developments. Read More >>

Now You Can Watch Dumbo (and Other Disney Films) on Netflix

Craving a good dollop of Disney? Good, because Netflix has just landed a whole load of "exclusive" Disney movies, both classics and new stuff, for streaming in the UK. Included in the mix are Marvel films, stuff from Dreamworks, and things like Wall-E and Pirates of the Caribbean. Hopefully that means the Star Wars lot will make it too. Read More >>

Netflix to Produce Exclusive Dreamworks 3D Animation Series

Following the success of David Fincher's House of Cards, Netflix is going to produce a new series, this time teaming up with Dreamworks Animation SKG. The series will be based in Dreamworks' upcoming animation movie Turbo, the story of a snail that gains speedy superpowers. Read More >>

These Badly Recreated Animated Film Frames Crack Me Up

Here's something that will bring a smile to your face. This site takes a still frame from a big-time, multi-million dollar animated movie and tries to replicate it in Maya, the 3D animation software, in under 30 minutes. The results are hilarious. Read More >>

Hollywood-Backed iOS App Vyclone Pioneers Social iFilmmaking

The video featured above was created with Vyclone, the filmmaking app for iPhone and iPad that launches publicly today. Read More >>


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