Mars Rover Curiosity Has Successfully Drilled for the First Ever Sample of Mars' Virgin Bedrock

Since Curiosity has landed on Mars, it's been roving around finding all manner of...curiosities. Today, it's pulled off an intergalactic first and drilled 2.5 inches deep into the red planet's bedrock to obtain a sample. No one—no robot, as ever managed to pull that off before. Read More >>

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Watch This £25 Million Gas Platform Sink to the Bottom of the Sea

Installing an off-shore gas platform can be a tricky proposition. Things can go very wrong. That's exactly what happened with this £25 million Iranian platform was being installed in the Persian Gulf. Read More >>

The Insanely Deep Layers of Ice Covering Lake Vostok, Visualised

Earlier this month, a team of Russian scientists finally drilled down into Lake Vostok. Everyone was incredibly excited but, how deep can a lake really be, right? Um, it turns out very, very deep, and this visualisation lends some perspective. Read More >>

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The Massive Deep-Water Drilling Rig Searching for Black Cuban Gold

Despite the Deep Water Horizon fiasco, deep-water drilling remains one of the world's primary sources of crude. And among deep drilling rigs, this 56,860 ton Scarabeo 9 is king. Read More >>


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