Tea Cup Slingshot Drains and Stores Your Used Bags

The Tea Cup SlingsHOT is a new innovation in beverage consumption, combining a mechanism for draining a tea bag with a bespoke onboard used bag storage facility, allowing users to wander away from the kitchen and get back to their busy lives with the tea bag still in the cup. Read More >>

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Amazing St. Patrick's Day Cocktails: Don't Stoop to Green Beer

Listen, friends don't let friends drink green beer. We're talking about cheap beer, plus green. It is more than possible to make a drink that pays homage to The Emerald Isle without compromising your dignity in the process. Here are a few great ones. Read More >>

Add Camel Milk to Your Coffee for a Healthier, Mildly-Unsettling Drink

A coffee chain has come up with a novel way of raising money to help charities in Africa, with select branches of Taylor St Baristas now offering the option of camel milk in your coffee or tea in return for a £1 donation. Try it, it's good for you, they say. Just don't think about camels and their loose, slobbery, hairy mouths while drinking it. Read More >>

Drinking Up to Four Cups of Coffee Won't Dehydrate You At All

>The received wisdom is that coffee dehydrates you. Fact. Period. No arguments. But a new study shows that, actually, in moderation, coffee is no less hydrating than water. Read More >>

James Bond Was an Alcoholic Mess Who Couldn't Hold a Spoon, Suggest Anti-Booze Doctors

Here's a pleasing message for those of you who plan to purposefully drink yourself to unconsciousness several times over the next fortnight, courtesy of a few doctors, who suggest Bond's preference for shaken Martinis may be to mask his alcohol-induced shakes. Read More >>

Thermos Has Designed a Mug For the Slowest Sipping Tea Drinkers

It's supposed to be a beverage that you slowly slip and savour, but once you've brewed a cup of tea it's a race against the clock, and thermodynamics, to enjoy it while it's hot. A thick ceramic mug helps with that problem, but even better is the double walled insulated engineering that went into Thermos' new tea tumblers. Read More >>

An On Demand Vending Machine That Chills Drinks in Just 45 Seconds

When you think about it, keeping a fridge full of drinks perpetually cold at a store is a tremendous waste of energy given the product may not be sold for days. But the only alternate solution is to somehow chill drinks at the time of purchase, which is exactly what a new refrigeration technology called V-Tex does, without the need for gallons of liquid nitrogen. Read More >>

Tablet-Headed Robot Works Out How to Get Served at a Busy Bar

A team from the Bielfeld University in Germany built the odd bartending robot pictured above, as part of a test to work out how bar staff respond to visual clues that people milling about at the bar are looking to make a purchase. Read More >>

£400-a-Night 'Drunk Tanks' to Save High Street From Booze Armageddon?

Binge-drinking youths might soon find themselves locked up in a modern version of the drunk tank, with police chiefs pushing plans to bung drunks into special holding cells to vomit and wee over themselves while sobering up. Then charging them up to £400 for their stay. Read More >>

Dehydrated "Beer Sachets" Coming Soon and Taste Just as Good

A brewer in Canada has created what is claimed to be an authentic powdered beer concentrate, which just requires water to be added and a bit of carbonation to generate a believable beer-flavoured drink. Read More >>

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Which Glass to Use for Which Drink and Why

You're going to have some friends over for a cocktail housewarming party. No problem, you think to yourself, I'll just pick up some glassware on my way home. You get to the shop, and panic sets in. It's an absurd, transparent cornucopia of tumblers and flutes and who knows what else, in every conceivable shape and size. You weren't prepared. Pay attention now, and you will be. Read More >>

The Greenhound: Our Favourite New Summer Drink

We are officially in the dog days of summer. In London, the weather forecast for the next couple of weeks gets up to 29 degrees C. You need something refreshing. The Greenhound is that something. Read More >>

Coke's New Bottle Is Seriously Cool

Don't you just hate it when your bottle of Coke gets warm in the blazing summer sun we occasionally get here? And that when you're done drinking, you're left lugging around an empty plastic bottle? Well, not any more, because Coca Cola's just started making bottles entirely out of ice. Read More >>

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The Favourite Boozy Beverage of Classic Movie Characters, In One Chart

On an 18-inch by 24-inch print you'll see a catalogue of 49 different drinks from classic literature and film — everything from The Great Gatsby and Casablanca to Groundhog Day and Fletch. It'll beef up your boozy movie knowledge, but unfortunately recipes are not included. [PopChartLab] Read More >>

Coca Cola's Secret Recipe Supposedly Up for Sale on eBay

A treasure hunter claims to have found the secret recipe to Coca Cola's unique and heavily-guarded syrup in a box of letters dating back to 1943. Want to know if it's the real deal? £3 million is the price of entry. Read More >>

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SodaStream Revolution Lightning Review: When Fizz Falls Flat

The remedy for your flat soft drink woes has been lurking in the backs of kitchen cupboards for around 40 years now. The latest model from SodaStream, the Revolution Drinksmaker, does the same job of creating homemade soda at a low cost, but even easier this time 'round, given it's the first fully-automatic version. While we discovered that it is pretty amazing at vaporizing vodka and other party tricks, is this product really worth shelling out £150? Read More >>


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