First iPhone 5S and 5C Drop Test: Only One of Them Shatters

Clad in a plastic back, the iPhone 5C might be cheaper, but is it more durable than the 5S? Obviously, the only way to find out is by dropping the new phones. Read More >>

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Watching a Brand New Samsung Galaxy S4 Hit the Deck and Bounce Is Proper Car-Crash TV

What's the best thing you can do with your shiny new gadget? Slam it on the floor and watch it bounce in slow motion, of course. It sure makes for some morbid watching. How does the incredibly repairable Samsung Galaxy S4 stand up against the best of the rest? It's not pretty. Read More >>

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Watch the LG Nexus 4 Take Cringe-Worthy Drops to the Pavement Like a Champ

There's something so sadistic about watching shiny new gadgets get dropped onto the hard, unforgiving deck. Surprisingly, given the glass back and cheap-as-chips price, the LG Nexus 4 took its hits like a man, at least on the first attempt. Read More >>

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Watch a Nexus 7 Die a Painful Death In This Brutal Overkill Drop Test

The worst drop any of your gadgets are likely to suffer is a couple of feet. Maybe a little more if you're dangling one over the edge of a balcony or drop it down the stairs or something. But gadgets, no matter how robust, aren't build to handle more than that. That's why this 65-foot drop test is insane and frankly unfair (if you take it seriously, anyway). It's also kind of awesome. Read More >>

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Which Tablet Is the Hardest? Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini vs iPad 4, Fight!

When you buy a tablet, you probably buy it on specs, size and price, but what if you drop it? Which one is the hardest? And which one is likely to survive if you get swirlied with it in your bag? Let the cringe-worthy testing commence. You've got to love watching gadgets get smashed. Read More >>

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Here's Your Obligatory iPad Mini Drop Test

With every new Apple gadget, you've got to have a drop test to see how it fares in clumsy hands. This test from SquareTrade pits the new iPad mini against its big brother the iPad 3, and chief rival the Nexus 7. All and all, it holds up pretty well, but nothing is invincible. Read More >>

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First iPhone 5 Drop Tests: Very Sturdy! (But Still Shatters)

You might be longing to fondle your new iPhone 5 lovingly, but there are people out there who just want to break them—as a public service, of course. The first iPhone 5 drop tests are starting to come in, and as painful as they may be to watch, the new iPhone holds up remarkably well against punishment, notably better than its predecessor. Read More >>

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I Just Can't Stop Watching This PS Vita Hit the Pavement and Bounce, Wincing Every Time

There’s something so unbelievably cringe-worthy about watching something new and shiny like the PS Vita smashing into cold, hard tarmac; even dropping things onto carpet makes my heart skip a beat. Yet there’s also something strangely hypnotic about watching over £200 of hardware bounce away in slow-mo. Read More >>


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