Even "Casual" Marijuana Use Can Knacker Bits of Your Brain

The latest bit of research into smoking things bought off men in car parks and betting shops is in, with medics suggesting that even a once or twice a week dope habit can cause "abnormalities" in memory abilities. Read More >>

The Internet is Becoming the UK's Preferred Illegal Drug-Buying Option

Forget badgering tramps in underpasses, the new, gentrified way of buying legal and illegal drugs in the UK is online, with the 2014 Global Drug Survey showing we're buying more dodgy prescription and illegal chemistry through the internet than ever before. Read More >>

An Unscientific Defence of Swine Flu Drug Tamiflu, by Someone Who Took It

Back in the summer of 2009, when I was unemployed and able to afford the luxury of being properly ill, I was struck down with swine flu. It nearly killed me (pretty much), and, despite today's damning report, anti-flu drug Tamiflu may have saved my life. Read More >>

UK's £560m Flu Drug Stockpile's Effectiveness Slammed

Remember the 2005 bird flu and 2009 swine flu outbreaks? The life-threatening viruses threatened to explode at pandemic proportions across the globe before sliding out of public consciousness as the threat died down. But worries concerning the illnesses have been re-ignited, after the effectiveness of the UK's £560m flu drug stockpile has been called into question. Read More >>

Do Colour Blind People See More Colours When They Take Hallucinogens?

If you gave a colour blind person something like LSD or some other sort of hallucinogenic drug, would they see colours they couldn't before? Read More >>

Psychedelic Happy Drugs in "May Beat Depression" Shock

Some scientists have been mucking about with the brains of depressed people, merrily feeding them notorious animal tranquilliser and mind-bending floaty/paralysis party drug ketamine to see what happens. Rather unsurprisingly, they felt a bit better about themselves after emerging from their medically induced k-holes. Read More >>

Who Ordered the Cocaine Condom Delivery in the Vatican?

Customs staff in Germany intercepted a package at Leipzig airport that was heading for the Vatican, with the parcel from somewhere in South America containing 14 condoms that had been pumped full of liquid cocaine. With a value of around £33,000, someone was planning quite the party. Read More >>

"Legal High" Death Numbers Exaggerated by Common Substance Abusers

The number of people offing themselves by getting carried away with the paint-stripper hybrids has been exaggerated, according to former government drug advisers, who suggest "legal highs" aren't perhaps as dangerous as they're currently portrayed. Read More >>

Steak Laced With LSD Hospitalises Family

A family of four had to be taken to hospital after eating some steak bought from a US supermarket chain. It soon emerged that the meat had been laced with LSD by someone somewhere in the supply chain. For a laugh. Read More >>

The Irony of it All: Why I Think Pot Should be Legalised

How do I write about a sensitive topic (my love of marijuana is well known in the comments 'round these parts), without sounding like some drugged-up hippy? Let me try. Read More >>

Animals Enjoy Popping Bubble Wrap Just Like Humans Do

Few legal substances are as addictive and therapeutic as popping bubble wrap. Humans can lose hours getting the quick fix of popping every last air bubble. It turns out animals, like this raccoon, do the same. Read More >>

Ketamine is to be Upgraded to a Class B Drug

Ketamine, the horse-tranquilliser-come-party-drug, is to be upgraded to a Class B substance. Those hunting that "K-Hole" will have to dig a bit deeper into the underworld, and run the risk of far harsher penalties if caught in possession. Read More >>

Why Smoking Cannabis Makes You So Hungry

If you've ever smoked weed, chances are you've also taken that regrettable trip to Tesco Extra and stocked up on cheap biscuits, Rustlers burgers and any other colourfully packaged snacks. Next day you wake up surrounded in wrappers, and wonder: WHY? Read More >>

Tissue Stockpiles to Become Obsolete as Cure for Common Cold Draws Closer

It's the question that's puzzled pharmaceutical companies for an age: Is it possible to cure the common cold? Well, maybe now, yes -- British scientists have developed a new drug that could massively decrease the virility of the virus. Read More >>

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What are Quaaludes, the Drug The Wolf of Wall Street Makes Look So Fun?

If you've watched The Wolf of Wall Street, Leo DiCaprio's sex-and-narcotics-fuelled romp through the rise and fall of a dodgy Wall Street trading firm, you've probably wondered about the magic pills that left Leo crashing helicopters and crawling around his living room: Quaaludes. Read More >>

Ecstasy in London? Heroin in Zagreb? The Answer is Found in the Sewers

Drug users might be less than forthright about their illicit habits—but they all have to pee. With that in mind, scientists are drug-testing entire sewer systems to see what drugs they can trace. Read More >>


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