Xbox Designers Review the PS4

Design studio Teague helped create the look of the original Xbox among many real-world classics like the Pringles tube and the interiors of many Boeing aeroplanes. Now its current staff have offered their review of Sony's PS4 architecture. Read More >>

PS4 "Mega Bundle" Adds Killzone, a Spare Controller and PlayStation Camera for £450

Sony's announced an official PS4 bundle for the UK launch, combining the console with two DualShock 4 controllers, shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall and the refreshed PlayStation Camera, and selling it all for £450. That's really sticking it to Microsoft. Those who've pre-ordered ought to be able to upgrade to this "Mega Bundle" before launch. [Eurogamer] Read More >>

Sony's DualShock 4 Sensor Light Bar Can't be Turned Off

The little backside sensor on the PS4's new controller that hooks it into Sony's PlayStation Eye camera can't be turned off. So that's one more slightly annoying light source you'll have to worry about reflecting on the screen or bury under a cushion when firing up a film. Read More >>

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This is What the DualShock 4 Is Really Like

Apparently Sony's put a lot of effort into the DualShock 4, although you'd be forgiven for not noticing, given it barely looks any different. However, that light on the front, the speaker and the touchpad really make it revolutionary, at least according to Sony. Here's a quick walkthrough to show you why. Read More >>

Please God, No. Sony: Don't You Dare Make This Hideous Controller

There are good joypads and there are bad ones, and now Sony's thinking of making the most ridiculous one yet. A crappy Move controller blended with the venerable DualShock. Oh the horror. Read More >>


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