Nuke Your Thursday Afternoon With This Great Zelda-Meets-Skrillex Time Waster

It's Thursday. It's drab and grey outside, and that's only if you're lucky enough to not be flooded out. Take the mundane away with this surprisingly good dubstep-meet-Zelda mashup game, Skrillex Quest. Just make sure you plug your headphones in, because this thing is proper loud. Read More >>

YouTube Video Provides Evidence That Cats Can't Help Sneezing to Dubstep

Due to high levels of sub-bass frequencies, Dubstep is one of those musical genres that produces strong physical and behavioural reactions in humans. People often feel a vibrating sensation in their chest and a compulsive urge to nod their heads. Cats on the other hand, apparently can't help sneezing along the rhythm, as evidenced by this convincing YouTube video. [YouTube via Buzzfeed] Read More >>

An Animated Primer to Dubstep

Thanks to the mainstream success of artists like Skrillex, dubstep is enjoying some widespread appreciation. Wait, but what is dubstep? Most people probably can't tell it apart from other types electronic music. Read More >>

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Crystallize Shows Anything, Even Violins, Can Be Made Better With Dubstep

Who’d have thought that combining what is arguably often the most hateful of new music styles, dubstep, with the simplicity of the classical violin would work, but it kind of just does. It doesn’t hurt that the video was filmed in the awesome ice castles in Silverthorne, Colorado. Read More >>

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Australians Give Siri a Dubstep Remix

What happens when you combine the female Siri (sorry UK Siri man), with an Australian electro-artist? Dubstep Siri of course! Listen and be amazed by the 'Massive Bass', and the somewhat reluctant sounding Siri. [YouTube via Gizmodo Australia] Read More >>


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