How to Weaponise the World's Most Useful Tool: Duct Tape

Taking a small break from expanding his insane rubber band-based arsenal, slingshot master Joerg Sprave turns his attention to re-engineering duct tape, and other random accessories, into a trio of improvised weapons. Read More >>

These MacBooks and iPads Made from Wood and Duct Tape Are Not Really MacBooks and iPads

People. Especially people of Florida. Listen up. If you get approached to buy a MacBook or iPad in a parking lot, don't buy it. Even if it's dirt cheap and a freaking steal and you need a new computer or whatever. Why? Because it might end up as a pile of wood and duct tape. Seriously. Read More >>

Putting Duct Tape Over a Person's Mouth Does Absolutely Nothing

Here's a video that'll shatter many a Hollywood movies: putting duct tape over somebody's mouth doesn't stop them from screaming, it doesn't make them stop talking and it definitely doesn't keep them quiet. In fact, putting duct tape over somebody's mouth does... absolutely nothing. Read More >>

Ryanair Caught In Duct-Taped Window Shocker

200 passengers got the shock of their lives when their plane was forced to do a U-turn and head straight back to Standsted after their pilot's window 'patched up' with duct tape came lose. Read More >>


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