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8 Ways to Make People Hate You on the Internet

The Internet is not that hard. We all know that, right? But some people out there (probably duckface selfie-ing on Facebook right now) just aren't very good at the Internet. They just don't get it. Read More >>

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Watch a Red Hot Nickel Ball Destroy a Box of Crayons

Watching the Red Hot Nickel Ball destroy various materials just never gets old. So here's a Red Hot Ball of Nickel turning a box of crayons into a rainbow of destruction. Read More >>

These Guys Tried to Pass Off Melting Blocks of Ice as £2,500 Worth of iPads

Committing insurance fraud, mail or otherwise, is universally a fairly dumb thing to do, especially when your plan is literally designed to fail. Like say, that of 29 year old Nathan Meunch should have known. Because if you're trying to pass off a soggy, dripping cardboard box stuffed with ice as a £2,500 stack of iPads, chances are you're getting caught. Read More >>

Some Guy Is Suing Apple Because He Wants Apple to Protect Him from Porn

In this most ridiculous lawsuit that should expose the idiocy of mankind and/or lawsuits in general, a lawyer is suing Apple because of porn. Seriously. The lawyer is seeking damages against Apple because it makes devices that can display porn. He wrote a 50 page complaint over this! Read More >>

Drunk Idiot Dangles Upside Down from Power Cables

In the list of things you probably should never experience in your life, even if you're sozzled to oblivion, dangling upside down from an active power cable is probably near the top. This very, very drunk man, however, obviously thinks differently. He climbed up a pole and hung upside down a high-voltage power cable for 15 minutes. Luckily for him (unluckily for human intelligence) he managed to survive without any major injuries. Read More >>

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Holy Crap, A Woman Almost Got Run Over By a Train Because She Was Trying to Pick Up Her Phone from the Tracks

Holy freaking smokes, almost getting hit by a train doesn't get closer than this. A young woman in Sao Paulo, Brazil had apparently dropped her phone onto the tube tracks and foolishly jumped down to retrieve it. Couple of problems with this situation: she couldn't get back on the platform, the train was coming into the station fast AND SHE PROBABLY WOULD'VE DIED. Miraculously, two guys managed to pull her out right before she would've gotten hit. It's terrifyingly close. Read More >>

Today's Awful Apple Rumour: Retina iPad Mini

There's something in the air this week. Maybe it's that the holidays are coming, or that it's getting colder, or that there's not much actual news to be had three weeks before the Consumer Electronics Show. But for some reason, the dumb Apple rumours are piling up like so many discarded MobileMe accounts. Read More >>

A Teenage Girl Got Arrested Because She Posted a Video on YouTube Saying She Stole a Car and Robbed a Bank

Hannah Sabata, a girl who's only 19 years old, did something a lot of teenage girls do: post a video to YouTube in which they talk to the camera. But unlike most 19-year-olds, Sabata bragged about stealing a car and robbing a bank, even flashing the cash to prove it. She, um, got arrested because of that video. Read More >>

Did Someone Really Name Their Kid Hashtag?

The problem with kooky people having babies? The names they come up with! Gone are the days of John and Jane, it's now all about a senseless race to the bottom in idiotic naming. Fallyn, Sharpay, Zebulon and <a href="">other horrible names are real things people call their kids! But the worst named baby just might've been born. She's called Hashtag Jameson. Read More >>

Sony to Most People With DSLRs: You Are a Bunch of Imbeciles

Sony is trying to sell their new NEX e-mount camera by telling most DSLR users that they are dumb and stupid and clueless. According to their data, two thirds of all DSLRs users never take their camera out of the full-auto mode. Read More >>

The Only Facebook Ad Parody You Need To Watch

I'm glad someone finally made a parody that truly shows the impossibly high level of imbecility and self-congratulatory pretentiousness of that stupid Facebook ad that we had to suffer last week. Read More >>

Is There Anyone Stupid Enough to Believe That This Cable Has Anti-Virus Protection?

This "Xbox 360 Elite HDMI cable" should be just like any other HDMI cable in the planet, right? Wrong! According to the box, it's a "100% Mylar" double shield 1.3c grade cable with anti-virus protection to reduce virus noises and to obtain perfect image transmission." Read More >>

Asus Hits Bottom With Sexist Tweet

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Asus just posted and then deleted this tweet showing a photo of a model showing a laptop, wearing a tight night dress that accentuates a very good figure: "The rear looks pretty. So does the new Transformer AIO." Get it? GET IT? Read More >>

Flip-Book Business Cards Are an Incredibly Tedious Way To Promote Yourself

Handing someone a well-designed business card that's clever, even humourous, is a great way to promote yourself. But handing someone a giant poster and asking them to slice it up into 100 cards to create a flip-book animation? That all but guarantees you a spot on the unemployment line. Read More >>

iPhone Unlock Screen Business Cards: Swipe to Ugh

There's nothing quite like a first impression, is there? That one chance to announce that hey, this is me. Do you present yourself as funny? Kind? Knowing? Blasé? Or maybe just as the special kind of idiot who thinks these iPhone unlock screen business cards are a swell idea. Read More >>

This MacBook Touch Concept Is Kinda Dumb, But Maybe You'll Like It?

This MacBook Touch concept is so dumb that I don't even know where to start with the slamming. From the design's physical impossibility—what is that magic flexible-but-hard matter?—to the ergonomics, which make absolutely zero sense. Read More >>


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