New Xbox Has "Tonnes of Exclusive" Games, Says Microsoft Man

Microsoft's official internet mouthpieces are all champing at the bit to tell us that they know something we don't, with MS exec Aaron Greenberg claiming we'll see plenty of exclusive games on the machine -- and a release this Christmas. Read More >>

Microsoft's Rumoured Set-Top (X)Box May Never Appear

The second of Microsoft's next-generation lumps of hardware is unlikely to appear, with the rumoured media-centric set-top box currently stuck in a development hell with Microsoft unsure whether to entirely bin the project or not. Read More >>

Rumour: Microsoft Email Denies "Always-On" Next Xbox Requirement

An always-on requirement for the next Xbox is now slightly-off the table, if rumours of the content of a Microsoft internal email are true. MS bosses are said to have told staff that the new machine should "just work" for the most part without any internet connection, putting some of our worst fears to bed. Read More >>

Rumour: New Xbox "Always-On" DRM Decision is Down to the Publishers

A new collection of rumours regarding what we may see at Microsoft's May 21st Xbox launch appeared over the weekend, with sources claiming the new home console will see Microsoft update the Achievements system, add video sharing and leave the hot potato always-on internet connection decision down to the game makers. Read More >>

The Next Xbox Will Be Announced May 21st

Microsoft just announced that it's going to fill us in on the next Xbox, alias Durango, alias Nextbox, on May 21st. The event will take place at Microsoft's home base in Redmond, Washington, but streamed on Spike TV. Read More >>

"Always-On" Angry Xbox Man Resigns From Microsoft

Adam Orth, the Microsoft man who accidentally sort of confirmed that the next Xbox will have an "always-on" internet requirement when he went mad about it on the internet, has now left the gaming company. Read More >>

Rumour: AMD Core Stops Next Xbox Playing Your Beloved Games Collection

There have been plenty of previous rumours regarding the next-gen Xbox and a supposed switch to AMD processors to provide the power, with the latest solid claims seemingly confirming a move away from Power PC architecture and no easy path to emulating existing titles. Read More >>

Rumour: Next-Gen Xbox to be Revealed on May 21st

Microsoft is said to be planning an Xbox event for May 21st, which it's likely to use as a springboard to give us our first official look at the company's next generation home console. Read More >>

Microsoft Apologises for Employee's "Always-On" Next Xbox Twitter Rampage

Microsoft has issued an apology for an employee's outburst regarding the next Xbox's supposed always-on internet connectivity requirements, in which he suggested users just "deal with it" and expressed his smug happiness that he lived somewhere with a decent internet connection. Read More >>

Rumour: Xbox 720 "Aligned" With PS4, Controller Almost Entirely Unchanged

Developers close to Microsoft have claimed the next-gen console's hardware is currently being tweaked, as hardware boffins work to "align" the new home machine with the power offered by Sony's recently revealed PlayStation4. Read More >>

Halo Developer's Next Game Reveal Coincides With Sony's PS4 Event...

Bungie, the Halo creator and developer that's now a freelance gun in the employ of mega-publisher Activision, is teasing a new product. It'll be the Destiny game that's been leaked endlessly over recent months. Only... the teaser coincides with Sony's supposed PS4 launch date of February 20th. Read More >>

Xbox 720 May Require Kinect to be Plugged in, Switched on and Watching You

Some newer, slightly crazy rumours have emerged regarding Microsoft's next home gaming console, with development people claiming it'll ship with an updated Kinect motion sensor -- and won't work unless Microsoft's eye is plugged in and activated. Read More >>

Apparently You'll Just Be Able to Shout at Your Xbox to Turn It On

The Xbox rumours are flowing thick and fast at the moment, with the latest report stating that Microsoft's going all-in with voice recognition, allowing you to simply walk in the room and shout "Xbox on" to fire the thing up. It's even going to go all Siri-like on us too, let's just hope it's a tad more useful in the UK than Apple's poor-excuse-for-butler. Read More >>

Looks Like the Next-Gen Xbox Will Block Used Games Too

Just like Sony's rumoured to be looking into, a report from gaming mag Edge Online has it that Microsoft's going to require you to have a persistent internet connection on your next-gen Xbox to play games, just like some really crap PC DRM. It's also going to block you playing used games too. Thanks Microsoft. Read More >>

Report: Xbox 720 Will Pack an 8-Core AMD Chip Pushing 1.2 Teraflops of Power

How does an 8-core 1.6GHz chip backed by a 768-thread-packing GPU in your Xbox sound? Apparently the Xbox 720, or whatever it ends up getting called, will boast 1.2 teraflops of processing power. Those gun-toting scumbags are never going to look so real when you blow their heads clean-off with your Barrat .50 cal. Read More >>

The Next Microsoft Console Might be an Xbox TV

Microsoft is said to be preparing two versions of its next home console, one high-power gaming model, plus a lower-spec unit more geared toward casual play and use as a home media hub and streaming solution. Read More >>


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