Uh, Durex Just Made Vibrating Underwear Controlled By Your iPhone

So, obviously this was going to happen eventually, but that doesn't mean we're ready for it. Durex announced what it's calling "Fundawear", which ostensibly stands for "fun underwear", but which Durex believes will eventually come to mean "article of clothing that is fun like once ever and until you realise what horror you've wreaked in your pants and never want to talk about it again." Read More >>

This Emergency Condom Delivery App Is the Reason Why Smartphones Were Invented

When you look down at your smartphone and think about how much it has made your life easier and better, you'll probably think about how the Internet is at your fingertips, or how you can share filtered photos with friends, or send texts without ever having to speak to anyone. You'll probably think that's why the smartphone was invented. You'd be wrong. The reason we have smartphones? For an emergency condom delivery app. Read More >>

If You Didn't Know, Condoms Are Much Stronger Than Water Balloons

In this hilarious video about Durex condoms, boys are tossing water balloons that explode all over the sidewalk and leak onto people. But if they use a condom? No matter the pressure, no matter the friction, it stays strong. So yeah, condoms are better than water balloons at not ripping. Like you'd hope. [Vimeo via Design Taxi] Read More >>

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Dorm-Warming Gifts for Your Uni Roommate

You're young, you're probably broke and you might not even really like your roommate. But you know what? That uni roommate of yours is on the short list of people—which includes your parents, your brothers and sisters and your husband/wife—that you're going to live with. You want to get them something. Here's what. Read More >>

Will 'Viagra in a Condom' Make People Like Using Them?

The rubber, the cock sock, the goalie, the love glove, the salami sling. No matter how many adorable monikers it gets, no one really likes a condom very much. Read More >>


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