The Government Has Seen the Light; Ripping CDs and DVDs is Being Legalised

As it turns out, it is still illegal to rip CDs and DVDs, even if you have no intention of distributing them. Fortunately our government is doing something sensible (you could argue, for a change) and from July backing up physical media will no longer be a crime -- as long as it's for your own personal use. Read More >>

Researchers Have Found a Way To Cram 1,000 Gigabytes Onto a Single DVD

Now that its bigger brother Blu-ray has stolen the spotlight, paltry 4.7 GB DVDs have slowly started to fade into obscurity. But could they be poised for a comeback? A trio of Chinese scientists have discovered a breakthrough process that could, at least in theory, allow a DVD to store a whopping 1,000 GB—or a full petabyt—of data. Suck on that, Blu-ray. Read More >>

A Blu-ray Disc That Lasts 1,000 Years Guarantees Uncle Buck Lives On

The M-DISCs — which burn data onto a more permanent layer made of metals and metalloids instead of organic light-sensitive dyes — have existed as standard DVDs for a few years now. But that provides just a paltry 4.7GB of storage capacity. The new Blu-ray version of course boosts that to 25GB, and although the discs need to be created on an M-DISC compatible burner (many are these days) they can still be played back on a regular Blu-ray player. So it's got that goin' for it, which is nice. Read More >>

42 Hours of Vintage Cartoon Goodness is Your "Eeewwwww, DVDs" Deal of the Day

We don't usually pimp DVD deals in your direction because, well, it's a bit of an old format and we're all about new, thrusting forward-looking stuff. Read More >>

Play's Shutting Up Shop and Turning Into Ebay

That Jersey tax loophole that the government shut last year was essentially the life-blood of many a cheap DVD shop. Now's bitten the dust, as it can no longer sustain direct sales to the UK. It'll be reborn from the ashes to be a market place, just like Ebay or Amazon Market Place. Read More >>

This 92-Year-Old DVD Pirate Is a Total Badass

Strictly speaking, bootlegging movies isn't right. Hyman Strachman knows this, and he does it anyway. According to the New York Times profile of the notorious pirate, he's shipped 300,000 ripped-off movies overseas to the troops—for free. Read More >>

It's Official: People Love Streaming More Than DVDs

Confirming what pretty much everyone already knew, streaming is officially more popular than renting discs, at least according to LoveFilm. Having gone big with its LoveFilm Instant in the battle with Netflix, streams are now the most popular way people consume stuff from the Amazon-owned company eclipsing DVDs, Blu-rays and games combined. Read More >>

Greedy Government Forces DVD Prices Up

For ages now, we’ve been able to get our DVDs, games and Blu-rays on-the-cheap from Jersey, thanks to a little tax loophole called LVCR. Of course the government has been clamouring like a fat kid after cup cakes for all that missed tax. Now it’s been given the go-ahead to crush LVCR, meaning discs are going to get pricier from next month. Read More >>

Regional Lockout Doesn't Have a Place In Today's Globally Connected On-Demand Online World

With the launch of Netflix in the UK, we've had another chance to directly experience the dreaded regional lockout; by that I mean the practice of only making certain content available in certain geographic locations. And it's not for localisation reasons either. It's simply to do with money, and it doesn't have a place in our globally connected internet world. Read More >>

Cheap Blu-ray Channel Islands VAT Loophole Closed From 2012

All those packages you get from Jersey and Guernsey will soon cost a bit more, thanks to the government giving in to EU demands to stop businesses in the Channel Islands skipping charging VAT on small purchases. Read More >>


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