Dyson's Bladeless Fans are Now 75 Per Cent Quieter

The secret to making an already impressively quiet fan even quieter, without sacrificing airflow, was to reduce the turbulence of the high-speed air by creating a larger space inside the base. Dyson also reduced airflow obstructions throughout the fan which meant they could switch to a lower-power and quieter motor without reducing the fan's performance. Read More >>

Dyson's Vision of the Future of Curling

Because in these days of endless technological progress, who really wants to use a broom anyway? [YouTube] Read More >>

With Dyson and Google Investing, Are We Now Nearing the Age of the Robot Butler?

That mountain of washing up. The pile of dirty laundry. The steaming cat litter tray. Get on with it -- they won't clean themselves. Or at least, not yet. Dyson has become the latest company to announce significant investment in the robotics industry, bringing us one step closer to our own mechanical Jeeves. Read More >>

Dyson's Cinetic Does Away With Grim Clogged Filters

That Dyson fellow is still tinkering around with vacuum cleaners in his garage, today announcing the Dyson Cinetic -- a new model series that should ensure no clogged filters or loss of suck for the whole 10-year life of a cleaner. Read More >>

Dyson's New Gadgets Make You Feel Like a Superhero

There's something strangely throttling about a Dyson device. The curves feel futuristic, and the transparent plastic shows you what's under the hood. And the latest generation packs runs faster than a Formula 1 race car. You almost have to pinch yourself to remember that it's just a vacuum cleaner. Read More >>

Student-Made Robot Arm Wins Dyson Award and all Future Arm Wrestling Contests

The winner of this year's global Dyson Award has been announced, and it's all gone rather sci-fi this time around. The Titan Arm exoskeleton thing has (effortlessly) picked up the big prize. Read More >>

Global Dyson Award Shortlist Includes Fruit Warmers, Robot Arms and 3D Printed Casts

The international 2013 Dyson Award shortlist has been revealed, with 19 new entrants from around the world joining the UK's wave energy thing in battling for the top innovation reward cash pot. Read More >>

The New Dyson Airblade dB Hand Dryer Is Half as Noisy and Just as Powerful

With the Airblade, Dyson pretty much perfected the air-blasting hand dryer. Pretty much -- those things are bloody loud. Never a company to sit well with imperfections, Dyson has now revealed the Airblade dB, which still manages to dry your hands in just 10 seconds flat while being 50 per cent quieter than the original. Read More >>

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Watch Dyson's Fan-tastic In-House Flying Machine Challenge

Dyson staff in important enough positions to be allowed to lark about on work time have been building flying machines, with 100 engineers from around the world creating an array of bizarre remote controlled hover-things. See them all try and mostly fail to negotiate obstacle courses in Dyson's nice little edited highlights reel here. [YouTube] Read More >>

UK Dyson Award Winner Triumphs With "Multi-Axis Wave Energy Converter"

This year's Dyson Award winner from the UK category is Sam Etherington from Brunel University, who took it upon himself to casually invent a better method of generating electricity from the relentless action of the sea's waves. Read More >>

Dyson Accuses Samsung of "Cynical Rip-Off" as Patent War Erupts in Vacuum Land

Dyson's not been shy in the past when it comes to moaning about the patent system and making claims about industrial shadiness, now it's taking things to the next level by announcing plans to sue Samsung in the High Court for stealing its vacuum cleaner technology. Read More >>

"Mains Power" Suction Promised by Dyson's Cute Handheld DC59

Dyson's been at it again trying to reinvent the humble vacuum cleaner, claiming that its new cordless DC59 model manages to produce the same level of suck as the mains-powered competition. Read More >>

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A Rare Behind the Scenes Look at how Dyson Torture-Tests Its Vacuums

Did you know the polycarbonate plastic material that Dyson uses for the dirt collecting bins on its vacuums is the same material used to make police riot shields? We all know that Dyson make some of the best vacuums on the market, but the company is now giving us an inside look at its R&D labs and exactly how it ensures its hardware sucks so incredibly well. Read More >>

This Tiny Dyson Fits On an A4 Sheet of Paper

I'm not quite sure how that can be right, but apparently Dyson's new tiniest pull-along vacuum cleaner is so small it'll fit within the footprint of a piece of paper while still sucking hard. Read More >>

The Dyson Hard Just Made Your Floor Mop Obsolete

Not content with making every other vacuum and fan on the market seem like a cheap children's toy, Dyson has now set its sights on the floor mop that's been quivering in your broom closet, awaiting its day of reckoning. The unfortunately named Dyson Hard is a version of the company's handheld cordless vacs that sees the business end replaced with a cleaning head that also sucks away dirt before it scrubs your floors. Read More >>


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