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The Good News About Xbox One That Microsoft Brushed Right Over

E3 is over, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. An internal, seemingly official Microsoft PR document about the Xbox One just leaked out, but it's not full of horrible secrets, or general shadiness. Nope, it's actually full of good news that Microsoft just didn't bother to stress. Read More >>

Microsoft Sorry For Its Horribly Awkward E3 Rape Joke

Microsoft really can't get anything right -- forget the Xbox One, they managed to screw up a game demo with a bit of 'unscripted banter' that devolved far to quickly into rape jokes. On stage. In front of the world's press. (And it wasn't even a funny joke.) Read More >>

PS4 Has No New Restrictions for New Games; Totally Offline-Capable

If there's one thing that can kick Xbox One hard in the nads, this is it: The PS4 has NO new restrictions on used games! At all! And doesn't need to go online to authenticate. Sony just won tonnes of hearts and minds. Read More >>

Xbox One at E3 2013: Games, More Games and the Price

We know what the Xbox One looks like. We know how powerful the new Kinect is. We know how the new controller feels. We know what the guts are. Hell, we even know what we're going to complain about with the Xbox One already. What we don't know? How the games will look. Or how they'll play. Or what they'll be. We find out today. Read More >>

The Xbox One Launches In November for £429

We've finally got those last, important details. The Xbox One will be available this coming November for £429. There's no word on any options, so it sounds like it's £429 take it or leave. Maybe we'll get something subsidised later on, but for now, this is it. Read More >>

Xbox 360 Will Be Updated to Look and Feel Like the Xbox One

Microsoft's E3 keynote started with a look at yesteryear's console, the Xbox 360. It looks like it'll be dragged into 2013, being updated to look and feel like the Xbox One hardware. There'll also be some changes to Xbox Live Gold, with two free games offered per month from July 1st, and instead of Microsoft Points, games will just be bought in local currencies. Read More >>

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Sony's E3 Trailer Reminds Us We Still Don't Know What the PS4 Will Look Like

Anything Microsoft can do, Sony can attempt to do better. This time it's the war of E3 teaser trailers, and after having seen what the Xbox One has in store, its time to take a look at what Sony's got for us. Frankly, it's difficult to really tell. Read More >>

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What Does Microsoft's New E3 Xbox One Teaser Tell Us?

Microsoft's busted out a teaser trailer for its E3 event next week. While we saw a lot about the hardware at its official unveiling, arguably the most important bit, the games, were left for E3. So, what does the video tell us? More Gears of War, Forza and Halo, apparently. Read More >>

The New Xbox Will Probably Arrive This E3

It seems that everything is aligning for the launch of the next generation Xbox at E3 2013. We knew that the rumours are piling on. Then someone told us that the Xbox buildings at Microsoft's campus are on lock down. And now we know that Xboxmeister Major Nelson is very excited about E3. Read More >>

Samsung Cloud Gaming to Stream Console-Quality Games Straight to Smart TVs

It was announced at E3 today that Samsung Cloud Gaming, developed in partnership with Gaikai, a leading cloud-based video game platform provider, will stream a mix of family-friendly and AAA video games directly to owners of 2012 Samsung LED 7000 series and up Smart TVs initially in the U.S. Read More >>

Examiner: Microsoft Plans to Unveil "Smart Glass" at E3

According to a report from the Examiner's Nicholas Gigante, Microsoft is ready to debut a revolutionary Xbox 360-integrated system at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo, June 5th-7th. Various outlets are describing it as either an actual, physical tablet or as "companion application." Read More >>

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This Is Tomb Raider Like You've Never Seen It Before

Normally Tomb Raider is a bit of a fanciful affair -- a pumped-up heroine, strutting about muddy tombs in skimpy clothes, yet always managing to look absolutely fantastic. If this stunning, gritty announcement trailer is anything to go by, the next instalment won't be anything like that. Read More >>

Computer Company Says No, Xbox 720 Won't be at E3 This Year

It's been nothing but rumour, rumour, rumour regarding Microsoft and its plans for its new Xbox, but now we have something official from the company -- there will not be a new Xbox at this year's E3 gaming convention. Read More >>

Microsoft Dismisses Rumours of 2012 Xbox 720 Launch

One of the senior marketing staff of Microsoft's French Xbox division has put an end to rumours of any sort of 2012 launch of new Xbox hardware, saying: "What's certain is that there will be nothing new in 2012." Read More >>

PS4, Next Xbox and Wii U Set for E3 2012 Showdown

A report in UK games trade title MCV claims Sony will reveal its expected "follow-up to the PS3" at this year's E3 gaming event. Given that we're also expecting Microsoft and Nintendo to show off their next-gen consoles, it could be the biggest and most brutal three-way console battle of all. E3 2012 starts on June 5th. [MCV] Read More >>


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