A Cheap Pair of Earbuds Can Accurately Measure Your Heart Rate

There's a plethora of devices out there that let athletes, amateur doctors, and even hypochondriacs constantly monitor their heart rates. But thanks to researchers at the Kaiteki Institute in Japan, soon all you may need to keep tabs on your ticker is a cheap pair of in-ear earbuds. Read More >>

Sprng EarPod Clip Review: One of Apple's Biggest Design Flaws, Fixed

The constant curse of Apple's earbuds—along with the lacklustre sound they produce—is that you can rarely go more than 10 seconds before one side or the other pops out. Sprng—clips for Apple's updated-in-2012 EarPods—wants to remedy that. And you know what? They do. Read More >>

Please Tell Me I'm Not the Only One Who Breaks Earbuds Every Month?

I have a problem, and not only is it proving costly, it's also diminishing my appreciation of the one thing I love above everything else -- music. I just can't seem to use a pair of in-ear headphones without breaking them. Read More >>

Ha, These Earbuds Will Make It Look Like a Pencil Is Sticking Through Your Brain

When someone puts on earbuds, they're pretty much telling the rest of the world to not bother them. It's the universal symbol for shut the hell up. But if someone put on these Magic Pencil earbuds? That's a conversation starter. I mean, these earbuds make it look like a pencil has been stabbed in one ear and out the other. They're hilarious! Read More >>

Duobuds Let You Stack Your Earbuds and Share Your Music

The easiest way to get around the nasty DRM that stops you from sharing your music is with a headphone splitter that lets two people listen to the same device. And it gets even easier with a pair of these Duobuds, which feature an extra headphone jack built-in. Read More >>

Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Review: More Buck, Less Bang

The Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro finished third in our Best Headphones for Running Battlemodo. We loved the fit, but the sound wasn't particularly impressive, which is why we were excited to get the Inspire Limited edition—with redesigned drivers—in our ears. The results were... puzzling. Read More >>

Here's Hoping These Clever Paperclip Headphones Don't Sound Like Crap

Most office drones assume paperclips can only be used with stacks of documents. But somewhere out there, someone has realised that the clipping power of paper clips could keep control of an annoying headphone cable—and now we have a brilliant solution for wrangling earbud wires. Read More >>

New Apple Ads: Thumbs, Ears, Physics, and Photo Shoots

Apple's newest ads are all about touting the iPhone 5 concomitantly larger and smaller size, as well as its ear-shaped earbuds. Read More >>

The Most Intense Ear Buds Sennheiser Has Ever Made

Holy crap, say hello to the Sennheiser IE 800 in-ear headphones. We haven't listened to them yet, but just reading about the crazy engineering behind these baby bits is making our pulse quicken. Read More >>

MP3-Playing Mouth Gear Makes Headphones Obsolete

Remember when your orthodontist said you could get a flavoured retainer and you were all Glitter? Pshh. I want my mouth gear watermelon-flavoured or not at all! Well, prepare to feel like a dated, oldtimey loser: Aisen Chacin, a Design and Technology student at Parsons the New School for Design, has created a music-playing mouth piece that uses bone conduction to transmit sounds waves — painlessly — via vibration through your teeth! Read More >>

It's Possible That You Actually Need These Shitty Earbuds

Great headphones are great. No argument there. But it is possible that you also need a pair of janky earbuds like your life depends on it. Read More >>

The Best Headphones for Running

The right music doesn't soothe the savage beast, it makes the beast more savage. When you're going for a long run, that's exactly what you want. The pulse of thumping beats can make you feel superhuman. It certainly beats the sound of your own labored breathing. Read More >>

Plantronics BackBeat Go: The Tiny, Cheap Bluetooth Headset Buds You've Been Waiting For

For around £70, the new Plantronics BackBeat Go Bluetooth headset isn't just super-cheap: it's probably to most convenient set we've ever seen. The key is the stellar design. This is a headset that thinks it's a set of earbuds. Read More >>

Where Better To Store Your Earbuds Than On a Pair Of Ears?

Tired of spending ten minutes unraveling your headphones like they're a MENSA puzzle when you take them out of your pocket? Then you need a cable wrap, and what's more apropos for storing a set of earbuds than a disembodied set of ears? Read More >>

When Earbuds Attack: A Cautionary Tale (NSFW)

First, take a deep breath. You don't have to see the photo unless you click on it below. With that out of the way, prepare for some bad news about in-ear headphones… yes, the very same ones I have championed on, as well as on CNET and over the past decade or so. Read More >>

Future Earbuds Won't Care If You Mix Up Left and Right

One day you might not have to worry about sticking your left and right earbuds in the correct ears. Because researchers have created a clever system that automatically adjusts the stereo mix depending on what side each bud is inserted. Read More >>


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