Next-Gen Apple EarPods Might Include Motion Sensors for Better Voice Recognition

While many would hope that Apple would just sort out the audio quality of its in-the-box EarPod earphones, a newly uncovered patent suggests the company has bigger plans in mind for its in-ear noise makers. Read More >>

Noise Isolating Earphones for Just 99p are Your "What? Huh? Can You Say That Again?" Deal of the Day

While earphones can be intensely annoying -- note, anyone who has them on so loud it sounds like mice rioting in a biscuit tin or absolutely anyone wearing Beats by Dr Dre headphones -- they are a necessity. For starters, you can expertly ignore people while listening to your favourite songs and transport your commute to an imagined dancefloor or gig. Read More >>

Here's Denon's Razer-Inspired Urban Raver Headphones, Complete With LED Urban Styling

Looks like Denon has taken a just a little bit of inspiration from Razer with their brand new duo of headphones, that look like, well, a Razer gaming mouse got lucky with a pair of Denon headphones around nine months ago. And well, out popped non-identical twins with LEDs and Urban Raver branding too. Read More >>

Logitech Announces the Launch of a New Line of Ultimate Ears Products

Logitech and UE first combined forces back in 2008 and delivered the UE Air Speaker earlier this year which was a pretty decent AirPlay affair, but now they're back to pump out a whole (pricey!) range including headphones, earphones, wireless speakers and a smart radio too. Read More >>

A Pair of Altec Lansing Earphones Is Your "La La La, I Can't Hear You Olympics, Go Away" Deal of the Day

It's SPORTS DAY! What's more it will be for the next two weeks – a long time if you're not a fan of SPORTS DAY and everything that it entails. Read More >>

Ferrari Revs Up Logic3 For Headphones and Speaker Docks

Lamborghini isn’t the only Italian sports car manufacturer to fancy a slice of the consumer electronics market -- Ferrari has teamed up with Logic3, the long-time PC accessory and speaker manufacturer, to create a series heaphones and speaker docks. Read More >>


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