There Was an Ickle Earthquake in Rutland This Morning

Rather than being woken by their alarm clocks this morning, those living in Rutland in the East Midlands were shook from their sleep by a 3.2 magnitude earthquake. Read More >>

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The Largest Earthquake in US History Happened 50 Years Ago Today

At 5:42 a.m. on March 27, 1964, a 9.2-magnitude earthquake erupted 78 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska. The earthquake remains the most powerful earthquake to strike North America, and the second-largest earthquake ever measured. Read More >>

Earthquakes Join in With Kicking the UK While it's Down

It's all gone biblical down in the south west, with the epic flooding now joined by a new form of catastrophe -- the earthquake. Residents in as far afield places as Ilfracombe and Swansea experienced a 4.1 magnitude quake yesterday, as God callously moved another chess piece on his board of doom. Read More >>

Scientists Unearth the Truth Behind Ultra-Creepy Earthquake Lights

Have you ever heard of "earthquake lights"? I've spent a good chunk of my life in shake-happy coastal California and this phenomenon is news to me—but, for centuries, people have reported seeing a wide variety of illuminations just slightly before and during major tremblers. The origin of these glows have consistently baffled scientists—and no doubt freaked the hell out of eyewitnesses—but a new study seems to have found an explanation (one that doesn't involve supernatural forces). Read More >>

A Chair That Turns Into a Brain-Protecting Helmet During Earthquakes

When an earthquake hits, most of us know to run for a doorframe or duck next to a desk. Protecting your noggin should be the priority, and the Mamoris chair wants to help: this clever chair quickly disassembles into a brain-and-neck-protecting helmet. Read More >>

Watch this Island Appear Out of Nowhere Off the Coast of Pakistan

NASA's Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite captured the birth of the new island off the coast of Gwadar, Pakistan after this week's 7.8 earthquake. Read below for a longer look at this rocky, flammable gas-emitting landform that scientists are calling a "mud volcano" and why this little island might not last very long. As of today, the earthquake has claimed 515 lives, with attacks from insurgents hampering relief efforts. Read More >>

What Happens When Natural Disasters Instantly Change Our Maps?

Pakistan's devastating earthquake this week killed hundreds, with a death toll that's certain to rise. While the country recovers, the world has become fascinated by a geographic side effect of the disaster: the quake was so powerful that it created a new island in the Arabian Sea. And as of Wednesday morning, people were already exploring it. Read More >>

Tokyo Will Retrofit Its Skyscrapers To Prep For the Next Big Quake

Mass dampers—the gigantic weights designed to counteract swaying in skyscrapers—are usually installed during the construction process. But today, a Japanese real estate company announced plans to install six of the devices atop a 39-year-old building in downtown Tokyo. If all goes well, they could pop up on tall buildings all over the world. Read More >>

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Watch This Anti-Earthquake Table Shrug Off a Violent Simulated Tremor

It's all but impossible to stop an entire building from shaking along with an earthquake, but that doesn't mean you can't protect what's inside. Japan's THK designs and builds these 'seismic isolation tables' which are able to counteract the violent movements of an earthquake on a smaller scale. Read More >>

There's Gold In Them Earthquakes

While everyone's having a rocking good bad time up top, big things are happening deep underground as an earthquake strikes. Of course, minerals from the Earth's core are known to seep out, but now scientists have discovered that gold veins are actually formed instantaneously due to a massive drop in pressure as an earthquake rumbles on. Read More >>

North Korea Has Just Tested a Nuclear Bomb

This isn't good. North Korea has reportedly conducted a nuclear test. Unusual seismic activity in the region was detected that indicated a nuclear bomb, and South Korea has told a United Nations Security Council diplomat that North Korea has just performed a nuclear test. Read More >>

This Earthquake Sensor Is Powered By the Very Earthquakes It Senses

There's no doubt that earthquakes can be powerful, and usually the bulk of that power goes to destroying things. While you can't stop an earthquake from quaking earth, a Victoria University student has found a way to divert some of that energy to monitoring the quake it came from. Read More >>

A Bad Earthquake Prediction Earns Italian Scientists Six Years in Jail

An Italian court has sentenced six scientists and a former government official to six years in prison for a faulty prediction of the 2009 earthquake in L'Aquila. What is this, the Salem witch trials? This is a dangerously anti-science precedent, even if it's just in Italy. Read More >>

This Earthquake-Proof Bed Can Deflect 65 Tonnes of Rubble

The tremors will probably still wake you up in the middle of the night, but falling asleep in an earthquake prone part of the world would be a little easier with this reinforced bed that can support up to 65 tons of debris. Read More >>

Seismic Mics Buried Under This House Turn Tremors Into Beautiful Music

Artist Doug Aitken's new house is designed to bring the outside world in, with accents like plant prints on the walls, and extensive use of greenery throughout. But the eyes aren't the only thing his home appeals to. Read More >>

This Reinforced Wallpaper Can Keep Brick Walls Standing During an Earthquake

After the earthquakes in Japan last year there's been a strong focus on designing structures and systems that will survive a natural disaster. So German researchers have created super strong wallpaper and glue that will prevent brick structures from collapsing during a quake. Read More >>


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