Captain America's "To-Do List" is Different Depending on the Country

Here's a fun little easter egg in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: In the beginning of the movie, we get a peek of Captain America's list of things he missed out on while he was asleep. Things like I Love Lucy and the Moon landing and Steve Jobs fill up his cute "things to catch up on to do list" but the funny thing is that the list is different depending on which country the movie is shown in. Read More >>

YouTube's Fun Fibonacci Easter Egg Will Make Maths Nerds Giggle

The Fibonacci number (or sequence, or series) is the mathematical rule that defines the golden spiral, a beautiful growing pattern that appears in many places in nature. It also appears on YouTube when you search "Fibonacci," and it's just silly enough to make us smile. Read More >>

The Hidden Easter Eggs Which Link Star Wars and Indiana Jones

From a young age I was introduced to what are still two of my favourite movie franchises of all time – Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I suppose it was inevitable, really. With parents who named me after a Doctor Who character, I would expect them to continue being awesome as I grew up. Read More >>

The Konami Code Shows Condé Nast Actually Has a Sense of Humour

This is brilliant, and seemingly the editorial staff on the various Condé Nast UK sites had no idea it was even there. The developers of Vogue, EasyLiving, GQ and Wired in the UK hid a little dinosaur-themed easter egg for Konami Code lovers on the various sites. Just try it. Read More >>

Google Hangouts Has a Fun New Easter Egg

So, Google's new Hangouts app keeps all of your chats in sync across all of your devices. Cool, right? But what if you're in a video call on your phone, and then open the same video call on your computer. Boop! Suddenly there's two of you, as I just discovered when chatting with my friend Bay.
You can now show two angles of yourself at the same time. Turn your head from one to the quickly for instant comedy. But why stop there? I pulled out my tablet, and yep, that worked, too. In the image above you can see there's three of me and two of him. Read More >>

You Can Play Atari Breakout on Google Image Search and It's Awesome

Google is famous for the Easter eggs buried in its products. This might be one of the most entertaining we've seen in while. Head over to Google Image Search and punch in a query for "atari breakout"—or just click this link—and say goodbye to the rest of your day.
Yes, my friends, punching that screen into the the screen magically transforms itself into an Atari breakout game in celebration of its 37th anniversary. Woohoo! Fun! [Google via Engadget] Read More >>

Bag Yourself Some Free Chocolate Without Even Leaving Your Desk

It's Easter, and you know what that means -- chocolate! Because the Easter Bunny is real, damn it. And in some shameless self promotion, Tesco's taking to the virtual streets to hide some Easter eggs about town. Find three of the suckers and blag yourself one of the real variety. Time to get hunting. Read More >>

What's the Best Hidden Easter Egg You've Found In Something?

Yesterday we were treated to an eye-popping new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, but hidden within it was a link to a brand new poster. You had to be eagle-eyed to spot the thing, and have a super-sharp monitor to boot, but it was hidden in plain sight alright. That got me thinking. I really love it when developers, producers, and artists take the time to hide things for people to find in their works. But what's the best one you've ever found? Read More >>

Is This the PS4 or Just Another Crappy Bluetooth Speaker?

Sony's teasing something over on its Facebook page. It looks like a red, round thing that pops open. It might reveal a PS4 disc tray or, more likely, the hole you plug your MP3 player into in order to get the party started. Or, even less thrillingly, it might be an Easter egg. A joke. A stupid, rubbish joke, that we've just fallen for. What do you think? Thing or no thing? [Facebook] Read More >>

All the Google I/O Easter Eggs (And How I Found Them)

If you go to the Google I/O 2013 homepage and punch in IIIOOIII on your keyboard, the I/O logo changes into an new logo formed by cats. There are 12 of these easter eggs in all, and Zak El Fassi figured them all out. Here they are, plus an explanation of how he solved a puzzle written in code. Read More >>

This Awesome Konai Easter Egg Code Suddenly Makes the Chromebook Pixel Worth £1049

Say what you will about the Chromebook Pixel's viability, but practical or not, it's got a hidden pocket of awesome hidden somewhere deep in its brain. And you can unlock it with the Konami Code. Read More >>

QOTD: Should Google Quit Jumping the Shark With Its Easter Eggs and Google Doodles?

Before you rush off to Google's homepage to check for yourself whether it's actually celebrating Tess Daly's birthday -- of course it's not. (That fine image was mocked up by @TheManWhoFell, one of Twitter's funniest users.) But the point is, it could be real. How many times in the past two years have you thought "why is Google celebrating the 157th anniversary of some niche invention?" or "I wish Google would stop fooling around with easter eggs such as "askew" and "zerg rush" on its search page, and update my HTC Magic to Android 4.0.3* already"? Read More >>

A Brief History Of Easter Eggs In Tech

The Easter egg—as in a hidden surprise or in-joke, not the chocolate treat—can be dated back to the last Russian imperial family who gifted people with jewel-encrusted Fabergé eggs containing additional surprises tucked away inside. Read More >>

A Google Search For "Let It Snow" Guarantees a White Christmas

Google seems to be trying its hand at a lot of things these days. And you can now add 'weather control experiments' to its list of success stories with the company's latest Easter Egg. Read More >>

Not Even Spotify Is Safe From the Nyan Cat

After infiltrating Windows 7; the internet, and of course your eardrums, it appears the poptart-kitteh has snuck its way inside the Spotify progress bar. According to PCWorld, it was added in Spotify's big Facebook update two weeks ago, and thankfully will only hoon across the bar when playing the actual Nyan Cat song. Phew, we're safe then. [@DanSumption via @AndyMalt via @BethSquires] Read More >>


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