What Happens to Marshmallow Peeps in a Vacuum

Anyone familiar with American springtime tradition will know about sending Peeps to their noble deaths via microwave. For everyone else, Peeps are marshmallow sweets, and microwaving them is apparently a thing over in the States (god knows why). Apparently microwaving is getting a bit old. How about a total vacuum instead? Read More >>

Robots Save Easter After Negligent Bunny Makes A Mess Of Everything

The Robotics and Perception Group in the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Zurich is nailing it. Funded in 2012, they are studying the development of autonomous robots by making seasonal videos. Which is all anyone really wants. Read More >>

Bag Yourself Some Free Chocolate Without Even Leaving Your Desk

It's Easter, and you know what that means -- chocolate! Because the Easter Bunny is real, damn it. And in some shameless self promotion, Tesco's taking to the virtual streets to hide some Easter eggs about town. Find three of the suckers and blag yourself one of the real variety. Time to get hunting. Read More >>

The Easter Eggs Are Back In OS X—and This One Is Great

Right after Steve Jobs came back to lead Apple, he declared a total ban on software Easter Eggs and credits in the About box of every product made in Cupertino. They are back now. And this one is insanely great: Read More >>

A Three-Year-Old Boy Found a Live Grenade During an Easter Egg Hunt

In what was probably the most dangerous easter egg hunt ever (or a scene from the next Hunger Games movie), a three-year-old boy was looking for pastel-coloured eggs... but found a live hand grenade instead. Read More >>

Wage War On Your Diet With a Chocolate Grenade

Easter is one of those magical days in the year when diets don't exist. So, in addition to a mountain of other sweet confections, you can enjoy Raphael Volkmer's chocolate 'Calories Bomb' grenade that explodes with even more delicious shrapnel. Read More >>

3d printing
3D Chocolate Printer Sadly Arrives Too Late To Churn Out Easter Bunnies

The creators of what will be one of the first commercially available 3D chocolate printers had hoped their device would hit the market well before Easter, letting consumers print their own cheap bunnies and eggs at home. Read More >>

watch this
The Most Adorable Internet Easter Video

It's Easter, so you've probably got a day of egg hunts and bunnies and pies that don't really make sense. But take a moment to soak in this UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE video that basically distills the essence of Easter down to its core: cute bunnies, chicks, and puppies for no gosh darn reason at all. Enjoy! [YouTube] Read More >>

A Brief History Of Easter Eggs In Tech

The Easter egg—as in a hidden surprise or in-joke, not the chocolate treat—can be dated back to the last Russian imperial family who gifted people with jewel-encrusted Fabergé eggs containing additional surprises tucked away inside. Read More >>

Creations Like This Are Why Cadbury Creme Eggs Are The Best

It's nearly Easter which means a full-on Creme Egg assault from Cadbury. They're man's most perfect choc creation, but somehow Jessie Oleson over at Serious Eats has found a way to improve on them. Read More >>

The World's Biggest Egg Hunt Kicks Off In London

Seen any massive painted eggs on your travels within London this morning? No me neither, but today marks the start of The Big Egg Hunt, which partners fancy egg-jewellers Fabergé with Action for Children and the Elephant Family for the world’s biggest (only?) egg hunt. It’s not even Easter yet, but keep your eyes peeled, there’s £100,000 to be won. Read More >>


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