What, People are Actually Paying Easyjet to Pre-Book Seats?

Budget flier Easyjet increased its average profit-per-passenger from £4.81 per seat to £7.03 over the last year, thanks in part to letting passengers pay a little extra for the luxury of pre-booking a seat in advance and trying to bag a nice one with an extra few millimetres of knee/magazine clearance. Read More >>

EasyJet Manager Threatens to Kick Man Off Flight for Slagging Airline on Twitter

An EasyJet employee has managed to heap shame upon the budget flier today, by threatening to have a man kicked off his flight because he dared to criticise the airline's policies on Twitter before departure. Read More >>

Does Ryanair's Profit Warning Show We're Tired of Penny-Stealing Small Print?

Last week, Ryanair warned investors that there'd been a "perceptible dip" in bookings for September and the rest of the autumn, a fall that could show we're moving on from pursuing the cheapest prices in favour of getting the fairest treatment and not having to pay £1.50 for a Twix. Read More >>

At Least Airline Badboy Ryanair Doesn't Overbook its Flights

Consumer site Which? has conducted some research into the shady world of airline flight overbooking, the practise of selling more seats than physically fit in the aeroplane to ensure planes fly full even if a few people don't show. Nine out of the 14 flight providers ask admitted to routinely overbooking their routes. Read More >>

EasyJet Taking On Tesco With EasyFoodstore

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of EasyJet and all its "easy" spin-offs, fancies a crack at the UK groceries market and is launching his own take on a super-cut-price version of Tesco, first in Croydon and then the rest of the UK. The day-glow orange monster is about to invade our high street. Read More >>

Easyjet Screwing Us With Smaller Hand Baggage Allowance

Easyjet is coming down hard on the baggage over-crowding issue on its flights, by making the hand baggage size much smaller -- bring anything bigger, and you face being forced to check it at the gate. Cheers, guys. Read More >>

EasyJet Passengers Had to Have a Whip-Round to Get Overweight Plane Into the Air

So this is properly strange -- an EasyJet flight from Liverpool to Geneva was stopped from taking off yesterday after they discovered the aircraft was 300kg over the weight limit, and EasyJet had failed to boot people off. The pasengers' solution? Have a whip-round to bribe the fatties into leaving. Read More >>

An EasyJet Holiday For Just £100 Is Your "Let's Get the Heck Out of Here" Deal of the Day

There’s loads of reasons to want to get out of the UK at the moment. There’s the impending horror of the Olympics; the suffocating nightmare that is the Queen’s Jubilee, and the fact that the government hate us all. Read More >>

EasyJet 'Speedy Booking' Mobile App Launching This Week

Budget airline EasyJet is about to launch a mobile app, designed to give customers a full booking service through their phones. Read More >>


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