You Can Now Buy and Sell Virtual Currency on eBay

It turns out eBay has quietly added a new category to its ever-popular auction site which allows users to buy and sell virtual currency on the site. Read More >>

Soviet-Era Ukranian Bomber Briefly Appears on eBay for £1.8 Million

Have you ever wanted to own a plane from a long-gone oppressive regime? Who am I kidding, of course you have. Someone over in the Ukraine tried to capitalise on this ever-expanding market, which is why they put a 27-year-old Tupolev TU-95 bomber up for sale on eBay. Read More >>

Unknown £3k eBay Painting Buyer May Have £250,000 Masterpiece

An art dealer may have made a rather large mistake in selling a painting for £3,000 on eBay. It was one of a pair by artist Edouard Vuillard and could be worth around £250,000. So if you know someone with a weird oval painting they got from eBay a few years ago, let them know. Or don't let them know and buy it off them for £4,000. Read More >>

Essex Football Club Bought its New £5,000 Stand Off eBay

The dozens of fans of non-league club Brightlingsea Regent will soon be able to enjoy their team's struggles in greater comfort, thanks to club management spending £5,000 on a new stand. Which they got off eBay. Read More >>

eBay Xbox One Picture Scam Idiot Gets Free Console

Remember the sad, stupidity-ridden case of Peter Clatworthy, the Nottingham-based eBayer who mistakenly (knowingly) bought a picture of an Xbox One off the online auction site for £450? Seems his Christmas has come early -- not only has he been given a full refund by eBay, but gaming retailer CEX has sent him a free Xbox One console too. The lesson? Worldwide online embarrassment sometimes does pay. [Gamespot] Read More >>

Man Stupidly, Knowingly, Buys a Picture of an Xbox One Off eBay For £450

There are many scammers out there on the web, and some of them look deceptively legitimate before disappointingly failing to deliver the goods. Which is what makes having sympathy for Nottingham's Peter Clatworthy difficult: if a £450 eBay listing clearly states it's for a picture of an Xbox One, then you should bloody well expect to receive a picture of an Xbox One for your £450. Read More >>

AAA+++ TOP BUYER Feedback For New 1-Hour Delivery eBay Plans

Twiddling your thumbs while your await the eBay delivery of your new "TAXIDERMY LARGE DOG FACE BAT SKELETON BAT" could soon become a thing of the past, as a new start-up purchase by the online auction house sees it planning to bring a 1-hour delivery service to the UK. Read More >>

With the Original iPhone Now a Collector's Item, Have You Ever Saved a Gadget in the Hope of Future Riches?

Despite selling millions of units around the world, the first-generation iPhone has now become something of a collector's item, with mint condition, boxed examples of Apple's first smartphone selling for more now than they did when they were new. Read More >>

When's the Best Time to Sell a Smartphone?

It's a well-documented fact that every time a new smartphone comes out, whole gaggles of eager-eyed fanboys ditch their 9-month old versions of pretty much the same device to upgrade to the slightly newer, slightly more chamfered version. Just like the rest of life, when to sell is all a question of timing. Read More >>

Buy it on eBay, Collect it at Argos, With 'Click and Collect' Scheme

eBay's announced a joint trial with Argos, that sees big sellers able to flog their stuff through the auction site and allow buyers to pick it up from a participating branch of the high street chain. Read More >>

You Can Buy Your Own Giant AT-ST Walker on Ebay for Just £9,800

How many of us, at some point or another, have actively fantasized about how cool it would be to own an Imperial AT-ST Scout walker? The answer should be "all of us." There's a chance to make that dream come (kind of) true, and it costs less than £10 Grand. Read More >>

The WikiLeaks Server That Hosted Cablegate Is for Sale on eBay

Shopping for a new server? Want a piece of whistleblower history? Want to piss off Julian Assange? You can do all three of these things at once, if you buy the server that hosted hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks a few years ago. And it still works! Read More >>

Fancy a £60 Firefox Phone?

Do we really need another smartphone OS to contend with iOS, Android and Windows Phone? Anyway, for just £60, the ZTE Open Firefox-powered phone might be worth a punt, maybe? Strangely, it's exclusively being sold by ZTE on eBay; that's where phones go to die, right? Read More >>

Become an eBay Ninja with the Samsung GALAXY S4 and Note 8.0

The free eBay mobile app allows you to keep in touch with items you’re buying, selling and watching while on the move, and also permits users to upload listings direct from the device. Read More >>

eBay's My Gadgets Organises Your Tech to Make It Easier to Sell

eBay finally officially announced the launch of My Gadgets, a new little wrinkle to eBay that lets you organise and track the value of the gadgets you have accumulated over your years of buying stuff you probably don't need. It's like an online portfolio of your stuff, add the gadgets you own and see what the average selling price of it is on eBay. Read More >>

You Can Buy Your Own NASA Hasselblad Moon Camera on eBay Right Now

Ever wanted to take pictures like an astronaut? Now's your chance. There's an original Hasselblad 500EL Electric Camera kit on Ebay right now. Just like the ones that were used on the lunar Apollo missions. If you act fast—and have a spare $74,950.00 (£49,032.00) laying around—it could be yours. Read More >>


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