From Sexting to Sacraments: How Mobile Apps are Taking on Religion

At this point, our entire lives could be boiled down into a series of apps. Schedules, diets, friends, family, play—it's all there in a set of brightly coloured, easy-to-digest icons that have come to define the way we see ourselves. And though it may be hard to reconcile, even religion is no more than a Google Play or App Store click away. The salvation of your eternal soul is now downloading. Read More >>

Happy Birthday Top Secret Recipes, Pirate Bay's First Ten-Year-Old Torrent

If you're still able to access the Pirate Bay through your ISP or via the simplistic hack of Googling for a proxy, take the time to download yourself a copy of Top Secret Recipes today -- the oldest torrent on the site. Read More >>

Wave Goodbye to 99p Downloads as UK Digital Sales Tax Loophole is Closed

Picking up a new eBook or MP3 may be about to get a fair whack more expensive, as Chancellor George Osbourne has moved in his latest budget to close a tax loophole that was allowing digital retailers to pay low foreign VAT rates on eBook, MP3 and app sales. Read More >>

These Kindle Fire HD Tablets are Your "Prime Time Purchase" Deal of the Day

Do you read books? Ones made out of paper? What are you? A troglodyte? Do you also light your house with paraffin lamps and sleep in a bed full of polio with a pan full of urine under it? Get with the programme! Everyone's reading electronic books now! Read More >>

Hitler's Mein Kampf is Proving a Private eBook Bestseller

Adolf Hitler's fascist manifesto Mein Kampf is finding a new audience through digital eReaders, racing towards the top of digital eBook charts as readers access the book in the more private, sleeveless form. Read More >>

Amazon Can Take Away Your Digital Books and Movies Whenever It Wants

In light of the Christmas season, what better time than now to remind ourselves to give thanks for all that we have. Although, in the case of any digital goods you've "purchased" from Amazon, maybe don't add those to the list quite yet. Because remember: You don't actually own any of it. Read More >>

Billion-Dollar Giant Apple is Sad About Ebook Anti-Trust Lawyer's Legal Fees

Apple's not happy with the US legal system, claiming that the $1,100 (£670) hourly fee charged by a court-appointed specialist in its ebook price-fixing case is a bit on the high side. He's only being given the equivalent of a 32GB iPhone 5S every hour, though. Read More >>

The Good News is Students are Reading Their Books; the Bad News is They're Pirating Loads of 'em

Research into the piracy of digital coursework books for students has found that levels of illegal sharing are ridiculously high, with nearly three-quarters of the educational ebooks researchers looked for easily discoverable on file-sharing networks. Read More >>

The Queen is Not Amused By Kids' Video Game Habits

It must be all lawn bowls and croquet for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she's on her down-time, as she has revealed herself as quite the video game skeptic during an MBE presentation at Buckingham Palace. Read More >>

Bitcoin Currency Inspires Erotic Post-Apocalyptic Sex Novel

Author Kayleen Knight has somehow managed to write 10,000 erotically-charged words about a future world dominated by virtual currency Bitcoin, in her ebook King of Bitcoin -- a piece of fiction that contains "scenes of an explicit graphic sexual nature" as well as nerds arguing about mining pretend cash. Read More >>

Jane Austen's Complete Works on Kindle are Your "Just 12p?" Deal of the Day

You might have read the news that American pop idol Kelly Clarkson has been unable to take a ring that originally belonged to our own Jane Austen out of the country. It's okay -- she hasn't nicked it. Read More >>

Travellers Beware: Google Play Might Delete All Your Books

It's easy to forget that owning something digitally is way different from owning it for real. And if you do forget, it can bite you in the ass. That's what happened to Jim O'Donnell when he traveled into Singapore and found that Google Play Books app on his iPad had up and deleted all his ebooks. Read More >>

How the GALAXY Note 8.0 is the Ultimate E-Reader

Tablets are almost perfect reading devices. They pack big, bright screens, plenty of reading apps as well as fast, wireless connectivity. Read More >>

steve jobs
The Price-Fixing Email That Steve Jobs Sent to James Murdoch

As part of the ongoing Apple e-book price fixing investigation by the Department of Justice, a new email sent from Steve Jobs to James Murdoch has come to light. Read More >>

Why Do We Keep Making Ebooks Like Paper Books?

Comparing books to ebooks is like comparing mechanical watches to digital watches, or manual cars to automatic cars. No one doubts the convenience, reach, and flexibility of the ebook format, but it will never convincingly replicate the experience of a paper book—nor does it need to. Ebooks are a fundamentally new medium, stuck in an awkward growing stage. Read More >>


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