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Venus, Please Be More Of A Badass In This Photo

This looks like your brain on drugs, but it's actually a rare solar eclipse from last June in which Venus moved between the Sun and the Earth the way the Moon usually does. Venus looked like a thinner and thinner crescent until it was perfectly aligned with the Sun, creating a Venusian annular eclipse with a ring of fire. The Solar Dynamics Observatory imaged the Sun in three colors of UV light, producing data for this image. The next Venusian solar eclipse will occur in 2117, so you'll have time to enjoy this photo for awhile before it's challenged by something even crazier. [APOD] Read More >>

The Red Marble

This beautiful, unreal portrait of the Sun was taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory as it was moving into its eclipse season: Read More >>

What Does a Solar Eclipse Look Like From the Moon?

It's not as visually spectacular as this synthetic image of the eclipse from space, but it's quite dramatic anyway. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera turned around to capture Earth as the Moon was eclipsing the Sun last week. Read More >>

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This Eclipse Photo Taken From Space Can't Possibly Be Real, Can It?

I refuse to believe this image of the eclipse is real, as much as I wish it is. Not that it couldn't be real. It can. I've seen plenty of photos of eclipses taken from space, but this one is just too awesome to be real. Read More >>

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The Best Solar Eclipse Photos

If you were lucky enough to live in Asia or the western United States or anywhere in between, you would've been graced with the clear sight of what looked like a ring of fire in the sky. Or more specifically, an annular eclipse. Here are the best pictures we've seen. Read More >>

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Of Course the World's Most Expensive Private Yacht Has Its Own Laser Shield

What does one do with an extra £375 million burning a hole in his pocket? Well, if one is Chelsea boss and multi-kagillionaire Roman Abramovich, one commissions the construction of a floating pleasure island replete with early-warning missile detection. The only thing it's missing are those cute mini-giraffes. Read More >>

A Curvy, Modern Landline Phone No One Is Ever Going To Want

Designer Sebastien Sauvage's Eclipse phone is certainly a sight to behold with its handset and base unit flowing into each other as a single elliptical sculpture. It's just too bad most of us don't have a use for it anymore. Read More >>


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