Maths and Science Skills the Focus of GCSE and A-Level Reforms

The Government's long-planned GCSE and A-Level examination reforms have been outlined today, revealing a stronger emphasis on maths and science skills across a range of disciplines. Teachers and students will experience a rare feeling of unity upon hearing the news -- teachers will be frustrated at a revised syllabus to teach and learn, while pupils will be annoyed at the stiff challenge each exam will now represent. Read More >>

Student Faces £90k Legal Bill After Failed Shot at Suing University

A student who failed his final medical exams tried to sue Newcastle university for letting him down. But his case was chucked out of court, leaving him with his standard student debt and a possible lawyer debt of around £90,000. Read More >>

Should Students be Able to Take Coding Classes For Language Credits?

The US State of Kentucky's Senate just passed a law that will let students take computer programming classes to satisfy their foreign language requirements. Do you think that's a good move? Read More >>

Prince William's "Free Pass" to Study at Cambridge Despite Mediocre Grades is an "Insult"

Prince William's off to study agricultural management at Cambridge. No big deal -- we want our royals smart, right? Except William didn't get the grades everyone else would need to study there. Read More >>

Good GCSE Results? Thank Your Parents, as it Might all be Genetic

Soon, a DNA test might be able to tell you whether it's worth revising for exams or not, as new research suggests that genetic factors are much more important than schoolwork or home life when it comes to determining future exam successes. Read More >>

The University of Nicosia in Cyprus Now Accepts Bitcoin For Tuition Fees

The University of Nicosia in Cyprus has just become the world's first accredited university to accept payments from students for tuition in Bitcoin. Presumably, it'll be employing this guy to set up a Bitcoin-powered student union, too. [] Read More >>

An A* Grade Will Be Worthless in New GCSE Overhaul

There's something special about being awarded an A* grade at an exam. I mean, it's a bloody star! What's not made better through association with a celestial body? Which makes the news of a fully-numeric new GCSE grading system for students studying in England so disappointing. It's not all that exciting to be striving for a "9", is it? Read More >>

I'm Not Unemployed, I'm a "Recent Graduate"

There's a strange mix of emotions when leaving University: joy, pride, exhaustion, but above all else -- fear. If you're one of the students that failed to secure a work placement before handing in your final assessment, it's time to start sweating, because competition for entry-level jobs is fierce, with an estimated 600,000 leavers joining the job market this summer. Read More >>

"Tech Levels" are the New A-Level Equivalent for Practical Students, Apparently

The government plans to further alter the educational system by introducing Tech Levels, which will be an A-Level equivalent qualification for those taking skills-based vocational courses. When will the government's education meddling end? Read More >>

10 Essential Education and Kids Apps for the Note 8.0 and GALAXY S4

One of the coolest things about the Samsung GALAXY S4 and Note 8.0 is how simple they are for children to get to grips with. After a few minutes of prodding and swiping they usually pick up the basics of how to use a touchscreen and before you know it they will be mithering you to play with your favourite gadget. Read More >>

GCSEs Switching to 1-8 Numbered Grades, Lessening Reliance on Coursework

The ways in which the brains of the youth of the nation are graded is set to change from 2015, with the government apparently deciding to bin the A-G scoring system and lessen the importance of coursework in a refreshed GCSE system. Read More >>

While the Government Ignores These Incredible Feats of Engineering, Here's How the Private Sector Is Nurturing New Talent

Every industry group and major company loves to moan to the government about one thing (apart from taxes): the lack of hirable engineers. But, being British, they've adopted the stiff upper lip, and are doing what the government can't (and perhaps shouldn't): fostering the next generation of incredible engineers and inventions. Read More >>

Lego's Opening a School In Denmark

You don't realise it at the time, but once you find yourself studying at a place of higher learning, you really miss your younger school days where playtime was actually a part of your daily routine. But imagine what life must be like for students of a school that was built and funded by Lego. Read More >>

the dreamers
The Women Ensuring Future Generations Can Code

The state of Information and Communications Technology in UK schools is at a low. The ICT curriculum's been criticised by Education minister Michael Gove; Google's Eric Schmidt, and the Royal Society's collective mega-brain. Pupils still view ICT as buttoned-up nerdery rather than the exciting subject that it ought to be, in a world that's now utterly reliant on the things it covers. Last year, two people sat down in a Shoreditch pub and came up with an idea that could turn that around. Read More >>

Could Minecraft Actually Be the Ultimate Educational Tool?

Playing the video game Minecraft is a joke that writes itself. Ooh, look at nerds building the world they want to live in! But it's actually engaging, like playing with a digital Lego. Could it also be the ultimate educational tool? PBS' Idea Channel examines Minecraft's case for wrinkling our brain. Read More >>

Michael Gove Accused of "Airbrushing" Queen Victoria From History

A draft version of the new primary school curriculum has been criticised for leaving out key historical figures, like that woman who was queen for ages. And that bloke who did all those bridges. Read More >>


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