EE Channels Glastonbury's Hippy Spirit With Festival Power Bar Charger

The modern festival experience is an exercise in compromise. On the one hand, you've got a load of great bands spread across a dozen or more stages to enjoy. On the other, your social-media-Instagram-selfie-posting addiction means that, in order to digitally document the occasion with a limited smartphone battery life, you have to juggle charging station queues with down-the-front freak outs. This wasn't the future the original Glastonbury hippies fought for, or something. Read More >>

4GEE Testmodo Challenge #4: Three Readers Test Nokia's WinPho Apps

Our three readers, Craig, Baij and Amanda are back, and have tested Nokia's very own apps on the Nokia Lumia 1320. Powered by EE's 4G, how did they get on with Here Maps, Here Drive, and the rest? Read More >>

EE, T-Mobile and Orange Award Themselves 2.7 Per Cent Contract Pay Rise

The mobile conglomerate responsible for running EE, Orange and T-Mobile in the UK is god-damn SICK of bravely protecting us from supplier price rises and inflationary pressures, and has finally, despairingly, decided it's time to pass a 2.7 per cent cost increase on to its users. Read More >>

4GEE Testmodo Challenge #3: Three Readers Move to WinPho Using the Nokia Lumia 1320

Moving to Windows Phone from Android or iOS can be scary, but with rising sales of Microsoft's platform eating away at the iOS pie, more people are discovering how easy WinPho actually is to use. But how did our three Testmodo readers fare testing the platform on the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1320, using EE's 4G network? Read More >>

EE's Own-Brand Kestrel is an Affordable 4G Smartphone for Knaves

If our Jud is after a 4G handset, but hasn't made enough money down 'pit to afford a flagship device from one of the top manufacturers, EE's new own-branded Kestrel, coming in at £99.99 on PAYG deals, may ruffle his feathers. Read More >>

EE Updates 4G Pricing Plans -- Now Starting at £13.99 a Month

Alongside its own-branded Kestrel smartphone, EE is targeting penny-pinched phone users with updated 4G pay monthly contract plans. 24-month deals now start at £13.99 a month, bagging you 500MB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts. That's less than the cost of a daily pint of milk, according to calcium-rich EE. [EE] Read More >>

Where and When You Can Buy the HTC One M8

Leading up to today's launch, we knew pretty much everything there was to know about the HTC One M8. Everything except its cost, that is. With the covers lifted off the handset, network pricing is now beginning to trickle in, with EE and Three first off the mark. Read More >>

EE Network "Gremlins" Nuke Calls, Texts and Data Useage for Close to 12 Hours

A significant network outage prevented a number of EE 4G customers from making calls, sending texts and browsing the internet last night through to this morning. Read More >>

Rumour: EE is Prepping a Low-Cost, Own-Brand 4G Smartphone

Just because the data costs come at a premium doesn't mean the accompanying 4G-ready mobile hardware has to, too. It appears EE is looking to use this principle to attract further customers to its super-fast network, with Engadget reporting that the network has its own cheap-as-chips LTE handset waiting in the wings. Read More >>

Testmodo Challenge #2: Three Readers Test the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's Features

Wondering how our hard-working Testmodo reviewers are getting on with their first device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? For their second challenge, we set them the arduous task of looking at all the bells and whistles Samsung's added to stock Android. Read More >>

EE Crushes Vodafone in UK Mobile Network Speed and Reliability Tests

Mobile analyst Rootmetrics has been criss-crossing the country carrying out speed tests, sending texts and the like, coming to the conclusion that upstart network EE offers the best general connectivity in terms of speed and performance across the UK. Read More >>

EE 4G Roaming Now Extends to France and Spain at No Extra Cost

Baguettes, sangria and 4G download speeds -- your superfast EE mobile data connection now works in France and Spain, as EE look to take on Three's "Feel at Home" roaming policies. Read More >>

EE Shares More Details on London's Stonking 300Mb LTE-A

4G network EE is set to further boost its lead in the LTE world, with company boss Olaf Swantee following through on promises that the capital's 4G speeds will be boosted to a scarcely-believable maximum of 300Mb/s. That's fast enough to download the entire contents of a simple person's brain in under a minute. Read More >>

Testmodo Challenge #1: Three Readers Test the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's Battery Using 4GEE

Last month we held a competition to find three readers to test three smartphones using EE's 4G service. While they get to keep all three phones, they have to sing for their supper first -- namely, by reviewing all of the devices for us. Their very first challenge? Testing the battery life of a Galaxy Note 3 using 4GEE. Read More >>

Where and When You Can Buy the Samsung Galaxy S5

Announced at Mobile World Congress, Samsung's Galaxy S5 may have disappointed in the style stakes with its plastic dimpled back, but with 200m Galaxy S customers out there, there'll be a tonne wanting to upgrade to this year's flagship model. Luckily UK networks Vodafone, Three, Virgin Media and EE have confirmed they'll be stocking the S5 (with the latter promising an April 11th date). Read More >>

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Don't Forget to Enter Testmodo: Your Chance to Win a 4GEE Trial and Three Smartphones (Updated)

Reminder! You have until the final hour of Monday 3rd of February to get your entries in to our very first Testmodo. What's Testmodo? It's three readers' chance to review EE's 4G network on three of their latest smartphones (and then keep 'em after the trial). Read the competition rules here, and good luck! Read More >>


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