There Has Never Been a More Random Way to Cook Eggs, or Maybe Anything

There are a lot of weird ways to cook eggs. There are also a lot of normal ways to cook eggs that people try to avoid for some reason. If you like surreal, somewhat phallic egg cooking techniques, though, you need a Rollie. Read More >>

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How Is This Raw Chicken Egg Standing Whole Without Its Shell?

What kind of sorcery is this? How is this egg standing whole without its shell? Apparently, the inner membrane—the thin layer that you can see stuck to the hard shell when you boil an egg—is strong enough to hold it without breaking its shape. But how can you do this? Read More >>

Forget Euro 2012, Egg Russian Roulette's the Sport For Us

England have just won a glorious victory at the world Russian Roulette Egg Championships. That's right, national hero Jerry Cullen has managed what Rooney and co couldn't, and brought it home to England. The majestic triumph occurred in Swaton Lincolnshire, where Cullen beat the odds and left the competition with egg on their collective faces. Read More >>

The World's Biggest Egg Hunt Kicks Off In London

Seen any massive painted eggs on your travels within London this morning? No me neither, but today marks the start of The Big Egg Hunt, which partners fancy egg-jewellers Fabergé with Action for Children and the Elephant Family for the world’s biggest (only?) egg hunt. It’s not even Easter yet, but keep your eyes peeled, there’s £100,000 to be won. Read More >>


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